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About Everlasting Roses

Everlasting Roses seem like magic! They’re real roses plucked from lush, mountain-top farms in Ecuador where the world’s best and most beautiful roses are grown.

Our farmers choose only the roses with perfect petals and pick them at full bloom. Each rose then undergoes a 60-day preservation process. This innovative,  proprietary process uses non-toxic, hypoallergenic solutions to turn real roses into Everlasting beauties.

Everlasting Roses are a great alternative to fresh flowers, as they are guaranteed to last a full year and never need watering or special care.

Yes! Absolutely real. The only difference between a rose you find in a garden and the Everlasting Rose is that our Everlasting beauties spend 60 days undergoing a special preservation technique to keep them bright and blooming for over a year.

Yes. Everlasting Roses are guaranteed to last a year. And they do! It’s unbelievable, but they really spend a full year looking freshly picked. Please click here to learn more about THE ONLY ROSES Everlasting Guarantee.

Everlasting Roses are real roses, so they do have a rosy scent. However, their smell fades over time and doesn’t quite last as long as the arrangement.

While it seems reasonable to want to put your Everlasting Roses in a vase, they should remain in their boxes. Setting them into their boxes is part of the preservation process, and removing them would ruin the arrangement made just for you.

Caring for your roses is much easier than caring for fresh flowers! No need to water them at all. Make sure they are at room temperature with normal humidity and not in direct sunlight. Try not to touch the petals directly. And keep them dust-free by using a blowdryer on the cold air setting. You’ll find a bit more info here.

If it were up to us, we’d give and receive Everlasting Roses for every occasion. If you think of when you’d normally send flowers, send an Everlasting bouquet instead, as it’s a timeless gift of beauty. We love sending bouquets on Valentine’s Day and for anniversaries, but we also suggest the less popular times like a birthday or as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving.

About Shipping & Orders

Yes! We know there’s nothing better than a surprise flower delivery, so it’s always our pleasure to offer delivery whether you’re ordering a gift for your friend or yourself. We either hand deliver if you’re sending to Southern California or we use third party carriers to deliver throughout the US, Canada, and around the globe. Click here to see a list of countries.

Yes, we follow the CDC’s guidelines on No Contact Delivery. If using local hand delivery, you’ll get a call before the driver arrives. Our driver will leave the Everlasting Roses arrangement on your doorstep, ring the bell, walk back six feet, and make sure the recipient receives their gift!

If using third party carriers, they too follow their own safety standards including the CDC guidelines. Everyone wants you to get your Everlasting Roses safely.

Yes, we are happy to send Everlasting Roses to many countries all over the world. You can ship to the US or Canada through our regular website. For all other countries, send us an email at or chat with us online, and we can set you up for a global order.  

You don’t have to! You can place an order online and pick up your arrangement at THE ONLY ROSES flagship store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA.

Our flagship store address is 400 S Baldwin Ave Ste 2135 Arcadia, CA 91007

Yes. We understand you might want to experience the Everlasting Roses before falling in love. Please come visit THE ONLY ROSES flagship store in Arcadia, California. You can see all the colors and arrangement styles and even order in person.

THE ONLY ROSES guarantees on-time shipping, so you know your special delivery will make it to your loved one in perfect timing. We offer a variety of shipping options. You can order same-day hand delivery in Southern California.  We happily ship to the U.S., Canada, and countries all over the world. Or we offer pickup from our flagship store in Arcadia, CA. Please see more shipping info here.

Nope! We understand most deliveries are gifts, so we would never include the price tag.

Because each Everlasting Roses arrangement is made to order just for you, we don’t accept returns. We’re confident that you won’t mind that all sales are final. Unfortunately, orders through Sezzle or Afterpay do not qualify for returns either. 

During Valentine's Day (1/5 - 2/15): We don't accept order cancellation.

During Mother's Day (4/15 - 5/30): We don't accept order cancellation.   

During Non-holiday season: Yes, all orders can be canceled as long as you do so at least 4 days in advance of the scheduled delivery. To cancel your order, email your request to or chat with us online. Unfortunately, orders through Sezzle or Afterpay do not qualify for cancellation.

25% cancellation fee apply to all luxury items.

Yes! You can pick the specific date on the product page of your favorite arrangement. It’s simple, and it’s guaranteed to arrive on that special day.

About Special Orders, Events & Partnerships

Yes, we love the creativity of a custom order. Please use our arrangement maker to make the exact bouquet of your dreams.

What better way to remember your wedding than a bouquet that’s Everlasting? Our master florists are happy to create the perfect bridal bouquet or wedding flowers, whether you need a blooming arch that welcomes guests or a centerpiece for every table. Check out this page for more info.

THE ONLY ROSES bouquets and arrangements bring a touch of elegance and luxury to any gathering. We are happy to work with you to create your dream event, big or small. Please see this page for more details or to set up a call with one of our master florists

We definitely want to hear about all the marketing or social media opportunities you have to offer. Please email your request to