Our Story

Like all good fairy tales, the story of The Only Roses begins in a place far, far away.

That place is Shandong, China, a coastal province in the northern part of the country. In Shandong, there lived a mother whose daughter moved thousands of miles across the world to settle in America. The daughter was me — Silvia Lee.

With my mother living so far away, I would often send her beautiful bouquets of roses to remind her of our love. But like all fresh flowers, these roses would soon start to fade after arriving at my mother’s house. Sometimes they wouldn’t even last for a whole week!

Those wilted flowers inspired me to find something better, something that would last much longer than a few days. My search eventually led me to the mountain-top farms of Ecuador, where the world’s best roses are grown. It’s also where I discovered the Everlasting Rose.

The Everlasting Rose is a real rose that has all the beauty and feel of a fresh-picked flower, but it’s guaranteed to last at least a year — and usually much longer. Once it’s plucked at peak freshness from the farm in Ecuador, the Everlasting Rose undergoes a highly innovative process that perfectly preserves the bud in its natural state. You never need to water it or give it any special care.

At The Only Roses, we believe every day is an occasion for love. Our preserved roses let you show that love, every day, all year.

I hope you cherish your Everlasting Roses as much as I do — and as much as my mother does too.

Silvia Lee