Do Preserved Roses Smell? The Sensory Guide

The Only Roses is here to provide you with lovely floral arrangements unlike any other. We have combined the classical elegance of one of the most timeless gifts, the rose, with modern art and aesthetics just for you. This traditional symbol of love, passion, apologies, and amends is getting a makeover and you’re in charge of the design. But before we can tell you anymore about what makes our Everlasting Roses so special, first we should explain what they are.

What Are Everlasting Roses?

Everlasting Roses are a product unique to The Only Roses. From our beautiful single stem roses to elaborate our arrangements and everything in between, every product that we have to offer to you will last much longer than the average florist’s roses. Their name is no exaggeration, as they designed to last a long time. They are made to maintain their shape and color, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors as well. Our Swing Opening Box is a grand example of this. Sometimes bigger is better!

In short, Everlasting Roses are the perfect gift for any occasion. Even if you are only looking for a ‘just because’ type of present, Everlasting Roses are sure to leave an everlasting impression regardless of your intentions.

How Long Do Everlasting Roses Last?

It may sound too good to be true, but our Everlasting Roses retain their vivacity for up to a year, sometimes even longer! The secret is in the preservation process that we use. The process lasts up to 60 days. That’s 60 days we devote to ensuring that your Everlasting Rose lives up to its magical name.

Roses are often reserved for weddings, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. They are always in high demand, but it is easier to find the most gorgeous bouquets when they are ‘in season’.  Because they last for up to a year, they can be given at any time. Better yet, they can be a gift for multiple special occasions because of how long they last! Everlasting Roses are a gift that keeps on giving. 

Dry Roses

Dry roses are another popular gift, but we at The Only Roses do not offer them. Our goal is to provide you with roses that people can enjoy for over a year, with customization options to create the perfect present. How happy could you make your loved ones with a gorgeous Heart Shadow Box? How about a unique Brown Bear Keychains for someone with more eccentric tastes?

You aren’t going to find dry roses available in these arrangements. Dry roses undergo a much shorter preservation process which dehydrates the flowers. Removing moisture prevents natural decay, but their petals become very brittle as a result. If left untouched they will last for several months, but if they are bumped or moved the petals will fall off.

Dry roses are the complete opposite of our Everlasting because they do not last long, they break easily, and they lose their vibrant color. Be it natural red, dyed pink, or dyed blue, our Everlasting Roses look as fresh as the day they were cut. Unlike dry roses they are a floral arrangement that you can rely on. Not to mention that, unlike regular roses, they do not require water and sunlight to stay so beautiful. This makes our Everlasting Roses much easier to care for than both dry roses or regular roses. 

What Do Everlasting Roses Smell Like?

A common concern expressed over preserved roses is ‘Do preserved roses smell?’. The answer is yes and no. They do have a scent, but not in the way that you’re probably thinking.  We promise it’s a very pleasing scent.  

Now that we have covered this important information about the process of creating Everlasting Roses, it’s easier to explain how and why we use certain techniques to create your floral arrangements. Everlasting Roses undergo a two month preservation process. Over this period of time they will lose their scent.  

Never let this discourage you, as we always go the extra mile to give your Everlasting Rose both longevity and a pleasant aroma. We only use safe, natural rose scented essential oils in our products. These are the same essential oils you will find in candles, makeup, and other things you already use every day!

Where Can Everlasting Roses Be Found?

These miraculous flowers are only available at The Only Roses. We promise that we have the only roses you will ever need for anyone, at any time, for any reason. Explore our extensive selection of magnificent arrangements and creative colors to find the rose of your dreams.

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