Care Instruction

How to Keep Your Roses Everlasting: 

With the proper care, the perfect petals of your Everlasting Rose bouquet should be able to bring timeless elegance and sophistication to your home or office for over a year. 

Follow these guidelines to honor your Everlasting Roses by THE ONLY ROSES:

  • Although roses traditionally rest in water, Everlasting Roses should stay dry. 
  • Try to keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight, away from strong lamps, and in room temperature with normal humidity. 
  • While it might seem like your Everlasting Roses belong in a vase, they should stay in their beautiful boxes. 
  • Everlasting Roses should stay clean. Dusting them with a hairdryer on cold works best. 
  • Everlasting Roses are for admiring with your eyes. Try not to touch them directly. 
  • Enjoy their beauty every day.