Black Preserved Rose | Beauty and The Beast Glass Dome

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The classic love story comes to life inside this exquisite glass dome, which contains a single preserved rose rosebud and several loose rose petals. We preserve these rosebuds when they are at their biggest and brightest — and they’ll stay this way for a year or longer! The entire package arrives in a sophisticated grey box, elegantly tied together with ribbon and bow. This storybook gift will surely make your sweetie feel like the “beauty” in their own fairy tale.

  • Contains one long-stemmed rose with leaves and petals
  • Rose Box Dimensions
    • 6" diameter
    • 12" tall 
  • Wood base embossed with the official logo for The Only Roses 
  • Everlasting Roses guaranteed to last at least a year
  • Our farm-fresh flowers are handpicked in Ecuador and carefully arranged by our master florists in California

Meaning behind your favorite color. 

  • Black is a strong, mysterious and powerful color. Give black flowers to someone who isn’t afraid to be unique and likes to express their individuality. Black can also represent rebirth and rejuvenation

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