Wedding Day Special – Deck Up Your Home with Flowers

Wedding days have always been considered one of the most life-defining moments in one’s life. While popular culture and literature has numerously fed us with fairy-tale like stories where girls grow up dreaming to marry prince charming, it cannot be denied that men too wish to marry successfully. It is often believed that a successful marriage starts with a beautiful wedding ceremony. Even in this day and age when traditional beliefs have inter-wined with modern-day adjustments, the age-old idea that a good wedding ceremony is the stepping stone to a long-lasting marriage holds true.

If your wedding day is approaching quickly and you haven’t got a clue how to make it special for the both of you and also others attending the event, you need to start thinking now. While many would suggest taking the help of wedding planners for the occasion, if you want something personalized, no one can do the job better than you! After all it isn’t everyday you get married, is it? Among the many things that you can do to make it a landmark day of your life, one that you must consider carefully is choosing the right flowers for the occasion

Flowers have a way to reach the heart. They may be simple manifestations of nature, but their blooms, their fragrance, their colors can make any event memorable. And when we are talking about making wedding day special, what better way than to deck up your home with them? At The Only Roses we belief that roses have a special aura, a magnificence that can hardly be compared by all the other exotic flowers doing the rounds nowadays. Roses are simple reminders that marriages are most successful when couples uncomplicated their relationship and stay true to each other. But above all roses are special occasion flowers –they may be simple but we package them in ways that their bloom stays everlasting and they do not wither easily.

Ways To Make Wedding Arrangements Perfect

We are not saying that roses are the best options for weddings decorations but we cannot deny that our love for roses makes us belief that theyhave an alluring effect that cannot go unnoticed. Our The Only Roses trademark blooms are special and worth all the bucks you spend on floral decorations. Each flower listed on our website is hand-picked by experts, then treated with care so that they last for at least a year. This means that you can use them as flower decoration for weddingat home, and later keep them as souvenirs of the eventful day. You can also use them as gifts for your guests. Since we live in times when we must think of conserving every natural item we can, reusing them as gifts would be considered as thoughtfulness and awareness.

Floral Decorations At Home

Your wedding day isn’t limited to only the ceremony being held at the church. It starts at home where your loved ones gather, where you prepare yourself for the big moment and from where your father takes you to eventually walk down the aisle. Your home deserves to be specially decorated with our white roses collection. The Preserved Flower bouquet comes in multiple colors but we suggest the white flower arrangements for weddings. The Preserved Flower Bouquet are custom built by our expert florists using preserved roses, carnations and greenery. They are simple yet breath-taking – just a few of them can complete your flower decoration for wedding at home in easy steps.

Floral Decorations In Church

The spiritual ambience of a church should not be tampered with too much decorations. Keeping it simple should be your mantra. So we suggest you make adequate use of our Long Stem Roses where you have the option of using one single rose or three, six, nine or a dozen roses arranged artistically as a bouquet. They are among our special occasion flowers which can add a simplified grandeur to the astute settings of the church.

Floral Decorations At The Reception

Whether you are having an indoor reception or an outdoor buffet lunch, roses can complement your design ideas in more ways than you think possible. Choose from our wide range of bouquet arrangements to suit your needs. Since each rose stem is special treated and then arranged in bouquets, you can be sure that they are premium quality. They can withstand the heat of an outdoor reception or sparkle as an indoor arrangement.

Welcome Your Guests With Roses

We belief that gifts for guests attending your wedding should be special. They should be hand-picked with love. They should hold the promise that they are treasures that will not wither away in a few days. The gifts must be a promise that you hold their presence in high-esteem and consider them special. Our Everlasting Roses® collection are specially treated so that their freshness is maintained, and their delicate appearance lasts for at least a year. This technique which was first developed in Germany is unique and we take pride in them. The roses are cut in a manner that keeps a rose bud’s shape original. We employ a complicated preservation steps that takes upto 60 daysof careful processing. All our Everlasting Roses®are non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-chemical reactive and non-explosive.

Are you wondering why we are mentioning all these things? Our Everlasting Roses®are your perfect choice for your guests. They will undoubtedly treasure the roses and remember you with fond memories. Your wedding day will not only be special for you, but also for them.

Ditch The Red Roses and Explore Our Wide Range For Your Wedding Ceremony

Who says roses are only red. They come in various colors and if you do not belief it, check out our collection. We have roses of almost every color under the rainbow. If you want our wedding day to be colorful, explore our range and choose what best suits your temperament. We assure you our roses will not disappoint and you will love decorating using them.

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