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There are several special days in your life each year. But there isn’t anything as special as your anniversary. Yes, we can say it with all humbleness that right from the day you exchange those solemn vows your birthday becomes less important in order of precedence. It is all about celebrating your togetherness, taking the love and commitment that your better half has brought to the relationship. Whether it is your first anniversary, the 25th or the momentous golden anniversary of your togetherness, it deserves celebration.

Your anniversary is a testament to a journey that you have shared as a couple where the two of you have been through the think and the thin. There may have been arguments but there also have been moments of romantic escapade. The bond you share has only gotten stronger as you have walked the times holding each other’s hands. Each milestone in such a blissful journey deserves celebration. And what better way to wish your better half than do so with flowers. Happy Anniversary Flowers accompanied by an intimate note can say how special your spouse has been in your life. It is also a solemn prayer for many such anniversaries that you’d like to share in the years to come.

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Why are flowers the best way to wish your spouse on an anniversary? The reason is simple – their bloom, their shades and fragrance let you express what you perhaps can’t do in words. The tradition of anniversary flowers goes back thousands of years and was believed to have originated in the heydays of the Roman Empire. Back then certain anniversaries such as the 25th and the 50th were considered special and husbands would gift their wives silver and gold along with the flowers and son the names. In the modern day and age most couples wish each other with flowers. If you are wondering which flowers to choose for your anniversary at The Only Roses we are here to help you. We are one of the biggest sellers of roses and bring to you a special selection of flowers that stay fresh and don’t wilt for more than a year just like the love and bond the two of your share. While you can try other varieties of flowers there is none that express the feeling of love and togetherness like a single rose or a bunch that comes neatly packed in a box. Here are the varieties of roses you should gift your spouse on important wedding anniversaries.

There is Never One like the First, Paint it Red

The first is always special. Your parents would have thrown the biggest party on your first birthday. You’d always remember the first car or phone you ever owned. Not surprisingly the first wedding anniversary is always special. You may have just ended your honeymoon period or enjoying an extended one, and over the last 365 days you have got to know your better half even ‘better’. It is still the period when the two of you still taking the early steps in your relationship much like two love birds courting each other. And the obvious choice would be Red Roses. Pick one from our classic boxes; the heart shaped red boxes are definitely the favorite with most. You can also try out our heart shaped single roses as they express your emotions in a special way.

Add That Tinge of Silver on Your 25th Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary is always a special one. The two of you have spent a quarter century together. Depending on your wedding year you’d have seen anything between five to six presidencies. A lot has changed in the world of technology around you but the love and friendship has remained embossed on a rock. It is just the time when you are beginning to grow old and such a special day surely deserves a toast of champagne and our special collection silver preserved roses. They are the bestsellers among our 25th wedding anniversary flowers.

Embellish with Gold on Your 50th Anniversary

Not all couples are lucky enough to celebrate their 50th anniversary. If you have reached this milestone in your life it would surely be an occasion to celebrate in grand style. You’d have your kids and grandkids trying to throwing the grandest party for the two of you. To celebrate the special bond between the two of you check out our exclusive collection of Golden anniversary flowers. While yellow roses have been a favourite with people looking for golden wedding anniversary flowers due to its similarity with gold, we bring to you exclusive selection of golden roses. Embellish the day with gold and make it a day that your kids, grand kids and well-wishers would remember for a lifetime.

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Go White 60th on Your Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations if the two of you are celebrating your 60thanniversary together. There are very few couples who can claim to have celebrated the day together as age and health often intervenes in between. You have seen enough of the world together over the years and have grown old holding each other’s hands. As you say your prayers in the twilight of your lives it’s time to make it special for your partner with a bunch of white roses. This is what most couples look for when it comes to buying 60th wedding anniversary flowers. You can buy boxes with 60 white roses marking the special milestone or go for six roses, one each for a decade. To sum up these are the most popular selection of flowers for those special wedding anniversaries. You can either stick to the convention we have mentioned above or break them. At The Only Roses we bring to you the widest choice of flower boxes, long stem roses and floral arrangement that will help you celebrate the special day of your life in a befitting manner.

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