Leather Heart Keychain

$96.00 Regular price

Size: 1.5" diameter rose bud in an acrylic ball 

Number of Everlasting Rose®: 1

These adorable keychains are some of our most popular gifts. Why? Because they’re the perfect way to carry around one of our Everlasting Roses with you at all times. Brighten up your purse or bag with a little bit of beauty and style. Choose from an assortment of accessories to go with your keychain, including rose bears, animal figurines, tassels, and fluffy hearts and balls

Everlasting Guarantee

Our goal is to bring timeless beauty to your space all year long, so each Everlasting Roses arrangement is guaranteed to last for at least a year. Our innovative preservation process will keep your roses looking fresh, bright, and soft to the touch for 3 to 5 years after they arrive at your door.

Special Delivery Guarantee

We know that every THE ONLY ROSES delivery is a special delivery, so we guarantee that your order will arrive on time, every time. If your roses arrive late, we will be happy to issue a refund except in cases of extreme weather, natural disasters*, or any act of God.

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