Women's favorite flowers: Now Official

If there's one thing that's pretty standard among ladies…

… is that almost all of them love flowers.

That's why it's a given that celebrations can't go without them. In weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's, and any milestones they reach.

However, there are many kinds of flowers you can give women. Choosing one can be quite a challenge, so it's best to find out what their favorite blooms are or what each type of flower symbolizes.

We figured you might find it tedious. That's why we came up with this list to help you out.


The Sunflower is one of the most well-known flowers.

They are originally from North America, but now, they can be grown in numerous nations around the globe.

Give this to someone to express your adoration and loyalty. Sunflowers can also help you make someone's day brighter since they can also mean joy, warmth, and positivity.

So if you feel like your special someone or any woman in your life needs a pick-me-up, these blooms would be an excellent choice.


Iris is an elegant flower that has four different varieties.

You can get them in purple, blue, white, and yellow. And of course, each one of them has their own meanings that can best represent your feelings for someone.

The purple variety can mean friendship and wisdom, while the blue represents faith and hope. These are great gifts for friends, relatives, or other women in your life whom you may not necessarily be romantically involved with.

The yellow iris represents passion and white signifies purity. That's why they can be alternatives to red and white roses if you wish to give your special someone something different.


They may look delicate, but Camellias are known to be the hardiest of all winter blooms.

It may not be a flower you'll typically find on bouquets sold in flower shops. But if you can get your hands on freshly picked Camellias, all you need is a simple vase, and you'll have a fantastic centerpiece to give your loved ones.

Although it may not be the first flower that will come to mind when you think about romance, it represents eternal love and devotion in Chinese culture.

Its delicate bloom represents the woman, while the calyx symbolizes her lover, who protects her. While most flower petals fall off from their calyx as the bloom matures, the Camellia petals and calyx stay intact and fall off from the tree as one.


Since orchids are rare, they are known to be one of the most precious flowers for gifting.

But thanks to recent advancements in agricultural science, they've become more available to the masses. Regardless, they still have that undeniable air of extravagance whenever we see them.

And since there are thousands of species and colors of orchids, you're sure to find one that can suit the taste of the woman you're giving it to.

Apart from their beauty, each orchid color variety has underlying meanings. They can help when your words aren't enough to express your feelings. 


Another favorite type of flower is peonies.

They are popular on bouquets and easily take the spotlight with their big lavish blooms.

Aside from their breathtaking beauty and fragrance, their meaning adds to why they are widely used for gifting. Peonies can help the giver convey romantic love, good luck, and prosperity.

Hailed as the "Queen of flowers" in Chinese culture, they are known to be the favorite ornamental Imperial Palace blooms during the Sui and Tang dynasties. So they have ever since been associated with honor and wealth.


Although each tulip color can hold different meanings, these beauties generally signify perfect and unconditional love.

That's why they are not only suitable as gifts for a romantic partner, but also children, other family members, or friends.

They're one of women's favorite flowers, and you'll commonly find them in bouquets that are entirely made up of tulips of the same or different colors. But they also work great in arrangements with multiple kinds of flowers. 


And, of course, we saved the best for last.

Roses are the go-to flowers for gifting to ladies.

Evocative of love, romance, and beauty, roses always have the most undeniable elegance regardless of the variety and color.

It's no wonder why they are sought-after blooms for Valentine's Day.

And if roses are known to be the "queen" of all flowers, Ecuadorian roses are considered the best among all types of roses.

They standout among the rest because they are undeniably superior in beauty, size, and longevity. And it's all because they are grown in the most optimal altitudes and temperatures that are unique on the foothills of Ecuador.

These rose blooms are well known worldwide and are the gold standard unsurpassed by any flower.

It can be a bittersweet experience to witness these precious blooms wilting. That's why innovative ways to preserve their beauty have been developed over the years.

The Only Roses has perfected the art of preserving Ecuadorian roses and has been a trusted brand by many for years. Not only do they maintain their beauty for three to five years, but these blooms are available in a wide array of different colors.

By preserving roses, we infuse more meaning to them. Now they don't just symbolize passion, love, and beauty. Everlasting roses are perfect for letting someone know that your love for them will stand the test of time.

If you need to find a special floral gift, you can visit The Only Roses' store located at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA, at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 or visit our website to choose the arrangement you like. 


So there you have it!

Some of the most well-loved florals you can give.

But if you still want to ask, "What's a woman's favorite flower?" Let's say that there's really no single flower that can be everyone's favorite.

But as long as you give them blooms with sincerity and love, they'll surely appreciate and treasure your gift.

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