Wedding Anniversary Flower Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive

We have been endlessly told by popular culture that while going on a serious first date, carrying a bouquet of red roses will make the lady smile and win her heart easily. Your girlfriend is angry with you? Send her those soft yellow roses and let her melt in your arms. You would have heard stories of couples who kept their love alive with the help of a red rose. Flowers have from time immemorial been considered classic gifts appropriate for all occasions. They have such simplistic charm that gifting just a single red rose or a bouquet of the most extraordinary colored roses can impress anyone and everyone.

At The Only Roses we believe that flowers, especially roses makes a special place in one’s heart and when they are gifts, their value and beauty multiplies manifold. Having been in the floral business for so many years, we have come to realize that roses are often people’s first gifting preferences. That’s one of the main reasons we care for the roses we sell so dearly. We understand the importance of every special occasion and want our clients to buy roses that last longer than they’d probably expect.

Our wide range of everlasting roses are specially treated so that they continue to bring smiles to loved ones for many days. You can easily preserve these roses for over a year! While we know that other varieties of flowers are also very popular, but roses hold a special place and that’s why preserving them wins so many hearts, so effortlessly.

There are many occasions in life when you’d want to gift your special someone roses. But an annual occasion that assumes significance after a point in everyone’s life are wedding anniversaries. Happy anniversary flowers are the best way to keep the romance alive in a married life. But do you know what’s better? Getting a different colored rose for every wedding anniversary. Whether it is your first wedding anniversary or you are looking for the 60th wedding anniversary flowers, you will find a unique collection here.

Color Choices for Different Wedding Anniversaries

At The Only Roses we believe that red roses are not enough to convey your love and emotions. That’s why we have over than 20 color choices of roses for you to choose from. Though we won’t be listing all below, we have picked a few classical favorites that we are sure would impress you too. Take a look.

  • Orange Roses – You would be surprised that roses come in so many unconventional colors and orange is one of them. As a color, it exudes a controlled intensity that works wonderfully if you want to bring back the spark in your marriage. Orange roses can be perfect for newlyweds who want to dramatically display their love or as 25th anniversary flowers to show that love still blossoms in the relationship.
  • Yellow Roses – If you are thinking of 50th wedding anniversary flowers, try to not look beyond the yellow roses. They have been for nearly a century used to celebrate the golden year of matrimony. The sun-kissed color, luscious blooms, a combination of delicate and fierce all make yellow roses perfect for decades’ old love stories.
  • Pink Roses – Who wouldn’t fall in love with the delicacy of pink roses? The pink color has so much grace and elegance that they can convey love for eternity. We believe that pink roses can be perfect anniversary flower choices for both newlyweds and older couples. A bouquet of pink roses can convey so many things – right from gratitude to appreciation to tender love. Why not let the roses do the talking for you while you take her in your arms and dance to some classical romantic numbers?
  • White Roses – We agree that white roses might not be everyone’s wedding anniversary gift choice but you can always experiment, can’t you? White roses have traditionally always been used as bridal bouquets and in weddings. Since white has always been associated with purity and innocence, its use is considered appropriate for graduations, baptism and christenings. But if you think your marriage is pure and your love innocent than nothing should stop you from getting those beautiful bunch of white roses to mark the special occasion in your life.
  • Red Roses – Finally the red roses – the quintessential rose that everyone deserves to receive as a gift at least once in a lifetime. A bouquet of long-lasting roses can convey many things – your long lasting love, desire and untamed passion. Often the size of the bouquet gives a hint of the lover’s intent! Red roses are everyone’s favorite for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, while proposing marriage and of course for wedding anniversaries. They can never go out of fashion!

Wedding anniversary may seen as yearly celebrations or as momentous occasions to renew your vows of love and companionship. But there are certain years that deserve special celebrations to keep the spirit of the years of togetherness alive. If it’s your silver wedding anniversary you would be making plans to make it a grand event. Flowers should play an important role and that’s why we think you should pay attention to the 25th wedding anniversary flower arrangements. We have mentioned earlier how orange roses can create quite a flamboyant atmosphere but if you want something subdued, do for white roses to decorate the place. But that’s not all, you can experiment with many colors while considering the 25th wedding anniversary flowers. Just browse through our site and check out our exclusive, everlasting roses.

Why Everlasting Roses
Our trademark everlasting roses are specially treated natural roses that look and feel fresh even after a year. The technology was first developed in Germany and is primarily a method of preserving roses for a longer duration of time without impacting their beauty or fragrance. Our roses are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and do not react to chemicals. In simpler terms they are as good as freshly cut roses.

Order your bunch of roses today and continue to charm your lady love for eternity!

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