Top Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea for a Guaranteed Impression

Make your Thanksgiving hostess feel appreciated with a 
gift that shows how grateful you are.

Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. 

Do you already have gifts to give the people you’re grateful for in your life?

Or have you already planned on something to bring the gracious hostess who will welcome you for Thanksgiving?

If you haven’t yet, and you need help to find the perfect gift, then this blog is for you!

Gifts to help make your relationship stronger

Bringing gifts is standard etiquette to show appreciation to the hostess if you are invited to join a Thanksgiving dinner. 

But even more than that, it also helps foster stronger bonds.

Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving with your family, in-laws, or friends, you mustn't arrive empty-handed.

Fresh flowers are a no-go as a Thanksgiving gift.

This may come as a surprise to many, but fresh flowers are not ideal as a gift for Thanksgiving. 

Though fresh flowers can elevate the atmosphere of the Thanksgiving dinner, it can cause your hostess some extra work which is the last thing you want to do when you want to show your appreciation for them. 

Fresh flowers need some tending. They would need to be watered and exposed to the sun to stay beautiful for longer. 

And once they're all decayed and wilted, your recipient will eventually have to throw them away.

Now, as you read through the words and understand why fresh flowers shouldn't be your pick for a gift, you're probably thinking about all the other things you can give as a Thanksgiving present. 

You might be thinking of the usual gifts like wine, stamped spreaders, or glassware for your Thanksgiving hostess. 

But before you do that, let us help solve the troublesome flower gift dilemma for you. 

Read on to find out how...

Why Everlasting Roses are the perfect gifts for Thanksgiving

We agree that they are only flowers and would add that it's not just about the lovely blooms, but the joy that they will bring to your recipient for three to five years. 

Imagine giving your Thanksgiving hostess the loveliest roses from Ecuador that she can use as a decorative centerpiece for her dining  table.

She may use it to liven up any areas of her home after Thanksgiving like her vanity or coffee table, bedroom, or living room. 

Now you have the perfect gift that builds a more profound connection. Show your appreciation through flowers and make her smile or remember you even when you are not physically around or contacting her frequently. 

The Only Roses will show her that you want to make her happy every day of the year. She’ll look at the roses you gave and understand why you can't just give her fresh flowers. 

Your affection, care, or gratitude don't expire in one to two weeks. That's why you want to give her flowers that last — something that can remind her of your gratitude for a long time. 

Unique and extraordinary gift

Give unique, custom-made memorable gifts.

Here at The Only Roses, we understand that your relationships matter a lot, so you may not want to settle for common gifts like fresh flowers on Thanksgiving. 

That’s why we found a way to make roses unique and extraordinary to strengthen your bond.

For most of us, flowers are among the top picks when we want to show our positive feelings towards another person. But we made our blooms everlasting so you're not just giving an ordinary flower. 

With The Only Roses, you’ll be giving select roses from Ecuador with the biggest and loveliest blooms preserved to perfection so they can stay stunningly beautiful for as long as three to five years. 

Also, they will help keep your recipients cheerful during the cold winter months, where there are not many flowers or greens to look at. 

And because they are everlasting, chances are, your hostess will still have your roses on her Thanksgiving table for the upcoming years. 

Thanksgiving gifts from The Only Roses

It's your chance to fascinate them with a gift that's equally charming as it is lasting. 

Try these elegant and luxurious rose arrangements…

Hat Box Small Round

This medium-sized arrangement is perfect for providing a festive accent to long tables. 

Have about three of them placed in between the delicious dishes to uplift your hostess's table setting to a more luxurious one. 

You may opt for rose colors that fit autumn, like orange, yellow, pastel yellow, peach, and gold.

One Dozen Long Stem Roses

Another way to add grandeur to Thanksgiving is our One Dozen Long Stem Roses that come with a charming glass vase.

These are perfect for round Thanksgiving tables to give a more elevated dimension to the setting. 

They have the color, texture, and scent of fresh flowers complete with stem and leaves but require absolutely zero maintenance — no need to put water or expose them to sunlight. 

Your hostess can enjoy flowers on a lovely vase that will stay as fresh as if they were just handpicked the same day! 

Hat Box Rose Dome

Want to make a lasting impression? 

Then this is the perfect pick for you! 

This arrangement will surely be one of the most memorable things everyone will have at the top of their minds when they think about your Thanksgiving dinner. 

The Hat Box Rose Dome is the perfect size to keep everyone's eyes off their phones and glued at the table so everyone can have a more meaningful and engaging time together. 

Your hostess and place it at the center of the dinner table and let everyone appreciate its beauty and splendor as you share the delicious foods with your loved ones.

You can also choose between our signature black or white hat boxes.


There are many possible options to give your Thanksgiving hostess. 

But if you want to give something memorable, meaningful, and pleasing to the eyes, one of the best things you can bring her is an arrangement of Everlasting Roses from The Only Roses. 

You may also send some arrangements via courier to the people you’re thankful for. Visit The Only Roses to select the arrangements that will stand the test of time.

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