The Sweetest Day Concept and Gift Ideas for the Most Romantic Date in 2022

So 2022 is finally here… 

And this year, you may want to make up for the missed opportunities to have special moments with your partner. 

So we prepared some concepts and sweetest day gift ideas so you can end the year with a bang (in terms of your romantic life, that is.)


Nothing beats a well-thought-out romantic date. 

It shows your partner that you want to have the best time spent with her. That's why we have our top five date ideas for you to enjoy your sweetest day this 2022.

Wine Tasting

If you and your partner both love wine or are enthusiastic about learning how to be keener with wine tastes, then this is the perfect date concept for you. 

Enjoy a carefree day with your partner in a vineyard and get to learn about winemaking. There are plenty of vineyards that offer wine tasting with charcuterie.

It's the perfect opportunity to know your partner better and to create lasting memories. 

Helicopter Ride

It is an excellent option if you and your special someone feel gutsy and want to experience an unforgettable adventure together.

Enjoy the majestic city skyline aboard a chopper, and better yet, have it during sunset near the ocean. 

You two can enjoy the spectacular bursts of warm colors reflected on a large body of water seen above. 

It's a next-level experience compared to just watching sunsets by the beach.

Flower arranging experience

Most ladies love flowers. 

But it's even more special if you give her a bouquet that you made yourself. 

If you're within California, The Only Roses offer a unique flower arranging experience that you can enjoy for a romantic date activity. 

And to make it even more pleasurable, we threw in some complimentary wine, tea, and desserts arranged on beautiful trays with floral decor. 


Now that you already have some incredible date concepts, we sure want you to also give the sweetest day gift for her.

These are keepsakes that she can cherish for a long time and make your date unforgettable. 


First on the list are jewelry. 

The best kind of piece you can give is something she can wear every day. It will help remind her of you everywhere she goes while elevating her look. 

But if you want to give a piece of more extravagant jewelry, that's great too so she can wear it on special occasions.

Travel-sized skincare

If your partner is a jetsetter, some lightweight kit of her favorite skincare will come especially handy for her. 

It makes sure she gets to enjoy traveling while being able to maintain a healthy complexion. 

Make sure that the kit you give her has a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 


One thing that ladies love receiving is handbags. 

Since they like to carry their essentials everywhere, like devices, makeup, and keys, it's helpful to have a stylish yet functional purse to keep all things valuable.


Shoes are as good as jewelry. 

The more a person uses them, the more it adds to their sentimental value. 

If you're planning on gifting shoes, make sure to give something that she can use for a long time. 

With chic and high-quality shoes, she will go to great places and create precious memories.

Eternal Roses

Flowers are an obvious choice when it comes to romantic dates. 

For every bouquet you give, it's like giving your love to your partner. 

But the sad part is, it'll wilt in one or two weeks. And for sure, every lady has that bittersweet experience every time they receive bouquets they know they have to throw away eventually. 

So to solve that problem, we developed Eternal Roses that last for three to five years. 

We only select rose blooms from Ecuador known worldwide to have been the most gorgeous of all. 

Now imagine these roses kept by your partner somewhere in her home where she can feel the warmth of your love every day.

These roses will let her know for years how true and lasting your love is. 

She'll not just feel like a queen for a day; she'll feel like a queen for years every time she sees our lovely rose arrangements. 
Select the perfect date flowers today by visiting our website or our showroom at Westfield Santa Anita Mall 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.

Get romance flowing endlessly this 2022.

You got some of our top date ideas and gifts you can give to have a memorable date this year. But if you have a different concept in mind, never leave out flowers. Give something beautiful, genuine, and everlasting. Find the long-lasting blooms that will remind your partner of your love for years at The Only Roses.

The best place to get your forever roses

Some may say that flowers are already overrated gifts for occasions. But not if you give Ecuadorian Everlasting Roses encased in an acrylic box. It is a casual yet elegant present that can surely unveil the brightest smiles in any special occasions. You may check out our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 for more excellent floral gift ideas.

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