The Preserved Roses Price Anatomy: Why More Is Okay

We handle the rose with great reverence. It’s nothing like the wildflowers that Snow White gathers in ample bouquets as she serenades her woodland friends. With its vibrant red petals and slender but steady stem, the rose endures singular and fiery. We see it in all forms of art: think the rose from Beauty and the Beast immortalized in stained glass or that famous Roert Burns poem that extolls a love like a “red, red rose” that is “newly sprung in June.”

For better or worse, we’ve also come to see the rose as something delicate and fleeting. Eventually, it will shed that final petal or close in on itself, right? Good news: you can preserve the elusive rose without ever having to piece together glass or a poetic verse. Doing so just entails a meticulous preservation process, which can be costly. 

Of course, if you want to surprise that special someone with a gift that will live for at least a year in the absence of sunlight and water, it’s worth the investment. In this article, we will cover exactly what you are paying for when you buy our everlasting roses.

From Stem to Petal: What Factors Into the Price of an Everlasting Rose?

When it comes to preserving roses, we don’t wave a magic wand and grant our roses the flower equivalent of immortality. To be fair, though, the science behind it is quite magical. It requires the perfect balance of environment, time, and resources. Here are the details: 


Nestled between Peru and Colombia, Ecuador may not be what most people think of when they picture a haven for roses. As it turns out, this small South American country boasts so much more than sprawling Amazon forests and an island of giant tortoises. Thanks to its proximity to the Equator and position of 10,000 feet above sea level,  Ecuador offers the ideal climate for our roses to thrive. Needless to say, they travel quite far to reach your doorstep!


Roses don’t transform from tiny indistinct buds to brilliant cascades of petals overnight. They require thorough care to ensure that they live out their glory days indefinitely, when their petals are most brilliant and their stems healthy and trailing. This process can take as long as two months. Meanwhile, the roses will undergo over 100 different steps before they can be deemed truly everlasting. As you can imagine, this is quite different from the lives lived by your standard grocery store roses.


So what exactly do we give our roses to guarantee they stay everlasting and beautiful? While it may not be fairy dust or unicorn tears, the materials are just as precious to us. We have carefully chosen materials that not only bring out the roses’ natural beauty, they are also completely safe and carcinogen-free. You won’t have to worry about these roses dripping any questionable chemicals that eat a hole into your dining room table.

As for their wilt-proof beauty, we owe that to our extensive pigmentation process. Just as you choose the right shade of mascara to highlight the sparkle in your eyes, we select high-quality dyes that do not distract you from our roses’ natural beauty. Rather, they draw you closer with their earthy subtlety. Best of all, these dyes are used widely in both the food and medical industry, so you and your sweetheart won’t be exposed to anything that’ll harm your health. In sum, we champion quality and safety over convenience and “cheapness.” 

Choose Everlasting Roses for Your Happily Ever After

There you have it: everything that goes into granting a rose its eternity, one free from the scorching sun and pounding rain. With The Only Roses, you don’t have to settle just for conventional bouquets if that’s not your thing. We offer elegant Heart Boxes, Hat Boxes, and Jewelry Boxes if you’re aiming for simple. If you want to gift your loved one both the beauty of a rose and the pleasing melody of a song, consider our Music Globe. If you are looking for something cute and cuddly, you can take home our adorable Teddy Rose Bear.

Whatever you choose, you can choose it knowing that The Only Rose treats every rose with the reverence it deserves. Consider it storybook perfection! We’ll even deliver the roses right to your door so that you don’t have to make an extra trip before date night.

Explore our selection today!

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