The Hottest Floral Trend this 2021 - Petite flower arrangements for a grand impression.

It's yet another year ending…

A year away from loved ones, missed special occasions — and most of all, it's a year of online chatting, Zoom calls, and connecting through social media.

As much as we love to delude ourselves into thinking that these kinds of interactions will suffice to maintain and build strong bonds, you (and very likely the people whom you care about) feel detached as ever.

So before 2021 comes to a close, make sure that the people who are important in your life or those you want to build strong relationships with feel that you remember and love them.

The thing is, you may have a long list of people that you miss, love, or want to build trust and loyalty with.

Fret not. 

An emerging flower trend this 2021 will help you say 'Thank you,' 'I love you,' 'Sorry,' and 'I care about you' in the most elegant, heartwarming, and everlasting way.

Flowers work like magic

What better way than to give them a meaningful gift that will delight their hearts for a long time

Fresh roses? Yes, absolutely!

It is a fool-proof gift that will make every woman's heart flutter.

For a 'long time?' — well, not so much.

So NO. It's definitely not the grocery store's fresh bouquets…

Remember that it should be everlasting, not a bunch of flowers that will get ugly and scream 'trashcan' after a week or two.

But if that's what you have in mind, it's okay. Many love fresh flowers…

But imagine giving the important people in your life blooms that will look and smell fresh for three to five years.

It's not only about beauty anymore; it's about showing the recipient that you want to give joy or show your love for them for a long time.

Want to know how?

Read on to level up your gifting game…

The next-level kind of roses

Most people, especially women, have received or bought fresh cut flowers many times that they are probably used to the 'routine.'

Receive a bouquet. Arrange it nicely in a vase with water so the flowers won't wilt quickly. Place it near a window where the sun can reach the blooms. And there are many other things that they usually do to make them last longer. For example, they can mix things like soda, crushed aspirin, and vodka into the vase water.

Yet the blooms you'll give them are sure to wilt and last for about two weeks at most. 

Since it is how nature works, most of the recipients have come to terms that having fresh blooms can be a bitter-sweet experience.

Others, however, would rather not get fresh flowers and instead prefer gifts they'll use or enjoy for a long time.

That's why The Only Roses has developed a way to preserve the most beautiful roses from Ecuador. 

Our Everlasting roses are real, stunning, and everlasting — just like your love, loyalty, truthfulness, gratitude, or any feeling you want to communicate with flowers. 

Our gorgeous flower arrangements are perfect decorative pieces your recipients can use or put anywhere in their houses and offices.

Put a smile on their faces every time they look at the flowers you gave. They'll remember the special moment you shared when you handed them their The Only Roses flowers, or the lovely message you wrote for them, or how thoughtful, loving, and sincere you are. 

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Away from your family and friends? Or are you too busy to give flowers personally?

Send your love with a touch of a button to any part of the globe. The Only Roses will not let you down with our guarantee that your flowers will arrive on time, every time. We also make sure that our Everlasting Roses are delivered in perfect condition, so you have a gift that you're sure proud to give. 

Guide on gifting petite flower arrangements

Here at The Only Roses, we make sure that you have something special to give to everyone on your list with our Single Rose Collection.

Keep strong bonds with your family

Send your mom, sister, or aunt a rose bloom in any of their favorite colors with our round hat boxes. You can choose from our three lovely variants: Hat Box Classic Petite Round, Hat Box Suede Petite Round, and Hat Box Leather Petite Round

Events and Party Decor / Souvenirs

Are you looking for decorative pieces to elevate the aesthetics of your party or event that you can also give away as souvenirs? 

The Petite Acrylic Box is the perfect choice for you! It's a stunning bloom encased in a fully transparent acrylic box, so you can stack or arrange them to give your party a floral vibe. In addition, your guests can get their Everlasting Roses before they leave your party or event. 

Prospective Clients

Now, if you want to stand out from your competition, you need to make sure all your prospects get gifts that put you at the top of their minds when they decide to avail themselves of the services or products you're offering. 

Surprise your would-be clients with a heartfelt note and a charming gift that they'll use every day. Gift them a Crystal Bear Keychain in Gold, so they’ll think of you every time they open their cars, homes, or safes.

Who knows — maybe next time they use their keys, that proposal you've been wanting to close with them might just look too irresistible to decline. 


Make sure your bride-to-be feels extra special on the day she gives you her big YES. 

Don't just settle for the usual. Ditch the typical engagement-ring-box-opening scenario. Instead give her the ultimate wedding proposal experience by presenting your ring on top of a huge and stunning Ecuadorian rose bloom with The Only Roses Swing Opening Box

Who'll say no to you, the ring and the rose? 

Wedding favors 

And since we're 100% sure that your girl will say yes, we also made it a point that your wedding guests will leave your reception with memorable and unique Everlasting Roses. Our Heart Glass Dome is the #1 choice for this. It comes with an adorable heart handle and a ribbon on top of the glass dome.  

It might look like a typical wedding souvenir, but not with those gorgeous Eternal Roses that perfectly spells love, luxury, and eternity at the same time.

And that’s it! 

The perfect gift ideas and souvenirs for any occasion. Make sure that everyone on your list gets to experience the everlasting joy of owning our stunning premium roses. 

You may visit our showroom at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 or call us at 1-833-474-3837.

For international shipping, feel free to contact The Only Roses at

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