The Everlasting Rose: All You Need To Know

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could live in a fairy tale? Experience the magic, the wondering and ethereal objects? We at The Only Roses are ecstatic to present you with the everlasting rose, the finest preserved roses that you will find anywhere in the world. Our eternity roses serve as an emblem of love which is everlasting, undying and true. Gift your special someone with our gorgeous eternal roses and win a special place in their hearts.

What Is Everlasting Rose?

Giving flowers to our loved ones is a tradition passed down through generations. But isn’t it sad when you see them wilt away in front of your eyes in less than a week? Our real eternal roses came into existence after our founder, Silvia Lee moved away from her mother in China to the US. She came up with the idea of the everlasting rose to be able to send beautiful flowers to her mother as a symbol of her everlasting love. It is just the belief that out of every bad or unfavorable thing, something good will always come. If it wasn’t for the dying and wilted roses, the everlasting rose would never have been discovered.

Now you can enjoy the beauty and liveliness of freshly picked roses for a long time, because The Only Roses provides real flowers that last a year. These flowers are absolutely natural and will perish on their own after lasting for a year, and often more than a year. They are eco-friendly and completely safe for any environment. The Only Roses is proud to present the fantasy come true roses to the whole world. They are carefully packaged into customizable boxes and patterns which will become the best gift for the person you smitten with.

The Process behind Everlasting Rose

We have access to the farms in Ecuador which are known for breeding the best roses in the whole world. The optimum temperature obtained from 10,000 feet above the sea level and proximity to the Equator, results in tremendous blooms with longest stems. The everlasting rose will hold the peak of its appearance after undergoing a carefully monitored process. This process lasts for 60 days with nearly 109 complicated steps to be followed. This meticulous preservation technique helps in creating eternal rose flowers.

The substances used during this process are absolutely safe and non-toxic. The chemicals used are non-reactive and have no traces of carcinogen in them. They are non-corrosive and contain no explosive elements. After this cautious and unhurried process, the eternity rose undergoes a pigmentation procedure which helps in capturing the spectacular beauty of the flower. The colorants or dyes used are the same ones used in the food and medical industry, which makes it 100% risk-free for our health as well as the environment around. It is only after receiving this measured and guarded treatment; the everlasting rose is ready to baffle our customers as a gift that does not wilt. It does not demand any special treatment after being processed, not even watering.

What Are The Different Arrangements Available?

Have you heard of roses that last 2 years? The Only Roses has a wide range of everlasting roses to choose from. Gift the highest quality flowers that can be cherished for a long time with us. Following are our bestsellers which make the ideal gift that just won’t wilt:

Nothing beats classic beauty           
Our Classic Boxes come in different sizes and colors. You will find round-shaped, heart-shaped and the classic square-shaped boxes filled with eternal roses at The Only Roses. The quintessential beauty behind simplicity is often sought after. These Classic boxes are proof that simplicity does not go out of style and that you can say lot without making a grand gesture.

The charming appeal of the Hat Boxes    
Hat Boxes are one of our favorite gifting options, bagging immediate attraction from our customers. We provide these in white and black boxes in heart, round and square shapes. We club unusual colored-roses together in these boxes which makes them irresistible for the customers. The black-white, golden-pink, royal blue, candy color and gold-black hues are so tempting that you cannot stop yourself from buying one for your precious someone.

A tale as old as time          
The Beauty and the Beast selection at The Only Roses is how you make a fairytale come true. We present single stemmed real eternal roses in Beauty and the Beast glass dome. You can find regular blooming everlasting roses, along with heart-shaped roses and music globe-shaped roses. With colors as unique as black, watermelon red, hot pink, rainbow and royal blue with crystal dust, you cannot resist yourself from gifting it to your special someone.

Say it with love  
Customize the everlasting flowers according to your taste to surprise someone you truly treasure. Profess your love with our luxury designs of rose letters, a love box or the adorable bear-shaped eternal rose flowers. You can also choose to be economical with our range of key chains. A pink leather heart, crystal rose bear, unicorn, winter-boots among many others are beautiful and affordable keychain options at The Only Roses.

You only need one for your someone             
There is nothing more romantic than a single, fully bloomed and breathtaking everlasting rose. We have a lot of options to choose from- a teddy rose bear, swing opening box, glass dome with heart handle, zodiac rose, shadow box and petite jewelry box. If you want to tell someone how individualistic, exceptional and unique they are, these single eternity roses are your best gifting option.

If you choose The Only Roses, you rest assured of the fact that the person receiving the gift is going to be absolutely stunned. We always deliver on time lest the weather prohibits, else you can claim your money back. Each and every rose is handpicked by professional florists to ensure that our customers get only the finest quality. These gifts are the ideal combination of beauty, simplicity with a touch luxury.

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