The enchanted flower from beauty and the beast as a gift - fantasy gift idea

It's a tale as old as a time…

...and chances are the special people in your life, young and old, grew up with this classic fairytale — Beauty and the Beast.

It's a well-loved story written in 1740 by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.

The plot revolves around two star-crossed lovers: Belle, a book-loving and beautiful lass who learned to love a Beast who is, in fact, a cursed yet handsome prince.

This fairytale shows that physical appearance isn't everything there is to like about someone. But instead, it highlights falling in love with a person's inner beauty.

The Only Roses Enchanted Rose Experience

Roses are classics when it comes to showing love and affection. 

But here at The Only Roses, we love to inject more meaning into our flowers. That way, you can express your love in the grandest way possible. 

The enchanted rose comes with a tall, luxurious box that fits the rose's vertical form and is secured by The Only Roses signature ribbon. 

By simply touching the velvety smooth packaging and the thrill of untying the ribbon from a premium brand will definitely give your lucky recipient the ultimate unboxing experience.

The big reveal comes once she lifts the top portion of the box to show a stunning and captivating rose inside a glass dome. 

Complete with the stem and petals, it's a perfect replica of the magical rose right out from the well-known fairytale!

And to make your gift more special, you can have it sent with some premium Godiva chocolates coming from our store.

Does your recipient love the smell of flowers? 

Well, they'll absolutely have a magical experience because they smell like fresh roses too!

Along with your enchanted rose, we'll also send a personalized greeting card that you can easily fill up with a touching message through our website order form. 

Our Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose is a 100% natural rose from Ecuador. We preserved it to perfection to guarantee a mesmerizing bloom for 3 to 5 years that’s why it's a perfect symbol of your undying love.

We do our magic of preserving our roses when they have large full blooms. So you or your recipient can enjoy the captivating beauty of premium roses for a long time.

Even Without Water or Sunlight

Build strong relationships with your prospective clients, your boss, or someone you’re trying to pursue romantically. Show them how much you care by giving them The Only Roses deluxe preserved roses.

They can place it on their table as a decorative piece. And you won’t have to worry about them finding your gift troublesome because it requires zero maintenance.

It's the perfect gift for anyone who loves having real, fresh flowers around but is too busy to take care of them. 

They can go about their day hassle-free. They don't have to worry about watering them or exposing them to the sun. 

In fact, it's exactly how these roses will last a year. 

They must not expose them to direct sunlight or get them wet at all costs. 

It's also best that they limit touching the flower itself for it to last longer and preserve its beauty. 

Beauty and the Beast Rose Symbolism

Without a doubt, the enchanted rose has become one of the most iconic features behind the Beauty and the Beast story. 

It symbolizes a person's ability to see through skin-deep appearances. To be able to admire someone for their character — their inner beauty. 

In the storyline, an enchantress disguised as an old beggar casts a handsome but arrogant prince a curse. She turned him into a beast and will stay that way till eternity. 

The curse will break only when someone he loves reciprocates his affection.

And to make matters worse, he has to break the curse before the last petal of the enchanted rose falls.

But fall it won't!

Our enchanted rose here in The Only Roses casts a different kind of spell. 

If you give it to anyone who is dear to you, it will remind them of your eternal love.

Our roses are unlike ordinary flowers that wilt and lose their beauty after a week or two. Instead, they will look as lovely as if they were recently handpicked from our  rose farm in Ecuador.

A Deeper Meaning Behind the Beauty

Flowers have always been a way for many to show how much they love or care for someone. 

But gifting them with our enchanted rose is much more meaningful. It shows that you love them not because of how they look outside but how beautiful you find them on the inside. 

Loving others for the beauty you find within them means a lot, especially for women.

These days, most feel pressured to look their best. We struggle in a society plagued with social media and beauty standards. Sometimes people forget that their inner beauty makes them shine, attractive, and adored.

It can also be a perfect gift you can give yourself. It will remind you of the deeper meaning behind the enchanted rose. It's also the perfect aesthetic piece to elevate the vibe of your home. 

Share the Magic of Love

Our Beauty and the Beast-inspired roses come in three varieties that are sure to captivate every person's heart. 

Check out our one-of-a-kind enchanted rose collection…

Beauty and The Beast Regular Rose

It's a classic stemmed rose which you can get in any of our 24 attractive color options. Propped up on its stand with a removable glass dome, your loved ones can enjoy its timeless beauty all year long.

Beauty and The Beast Heart Rose

There's no denying that roses are the universal flower of love. But we leveled it up even more to make sure your special someone gets the message loud and clear. We enhanced the rose bloom, so it looks bigger and shaped it like a heart. It's the perfect gift for anniversaries, date nights, and proposals. 

Beauty and The Beast Music Globe

Have your loved one enjoy the enchanted rose's captivating beauty while listening to some delightful music. It looks even more luxurious because the stem and leaves of this magical rose variety come in gold color.

You have the option to have it delivered straight to your recipient doorstep or your address, or you can pick it up from our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.

So which one is your pick? 

Whichever you choose, it will surely make any moment special and be remembered for a long time. So don't give any other roses. Instead, make it The Only Roses' eternal enchanted roses.

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