Sending Flowers on Qixi Day:
How to Ace Your Gift

Legend has it that long ago there lived two lovers named Zhinü, a weaver goddess, and Niulang, a shepherd. But Zhinü’s parents disapproved of their love for each other and exiled the shepherd to Earth. 

One day, Zhinü traveled to Earth for a bath, reunited with Niulang, and decided to stay against her parents’ wishes. When the Queen Mother learned of her daughter’s actions, she ordered that heavenly soldiers bring her daughter back home. 

As Niulang ran after the soldiers to stop them from taking away his precious Zhinü, the weaver girl’s mother threw her hairpin to form a river, creating the Milky Way between the two lovers. But as they cried and cried, magpies flew over the galaxy to form a bridge, reuniting the lovers once again. 

Deeply moved by the event, the Queen Mother allowed the two to reunite once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month – otherwise known as Qixi Day, or Chinese Valentine’s Day.

With Qixi Day fast approaching on August 4, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to show your real life Zhinü what she means to you. And while you might not be able to build a bridge over the galaxy, sending flowers on Qixi Day is the next best gift you can give her. 

Red Roses

Your romance is full of passion. You’ve fought long and hard to keep the sparks going, and you value the precious love that you two share. 

Your love is a red rose, a symbol of strong, passionate, and long-lasting relationships. For the long-term girlfriend or wife who has been through it all with you and has stuck by your side every step of the way, a red rose is the flower she deserves on Qixi Day. 

White Roses

The words to describe your relationship are joyous, blissful, and pure. You and your lover have seen nothing but prosperity when it comes to the success of your relationship, and share an affinity for one another that’s contagious to those around you. 

If you’re sending flowers on Qixi Day to someone whose love connection you’ll cherish forever, such as a fiance or someone you plan on proposing to, you should choose a white rose in honor of the occasion. White roses represent the purity of romantic love and are also considered a symbol of loyalty, which is exactly what you should be celebrating on a day like Qixi.

Pink Roses

You and your partner might not be young in age, but your love maintains a shiny, youthful energy. That’s because youthful love is something which transcends age and instead finds those who share fun-loving spirits. 

A sweet way to acknowledge the positivity you feel from being in the company of your significant other is through the pink rose, making pink the next color we’d recommend choosing for flowers delivered on Qixi. 

Go Beyond the Bouquet

Your love is everlasting, and your Qixi gift should be too. You want to “wow” her with something truly thoughtful by going the extra mile with a floral arrangement that’s sophisticated and unique, just like her. 

Although a beautiful bouquet would declare to anyone how much you love them, let’s face it: you can get a bunch of flowers any time at almost any store in California…including the supermarket.

For the woman who’s all about luxury and who deserves something special, our Romantic Love Box is the quintessential bouquet alternative. It puts an elegant spin on the traditional rose bouquet, featuring at least 80 Everlasting Roses displayed in a raised heart-shaped box

.This mesmerizing arrangement is definitely not the kind of gift you'd give your wife or girlfriend “just because,” so imagine the look of happiness and shock on her face after opening the door to this breathtaking gift. Additionally, since the Romantic Love Box features Everlasting Roses, she’ll be reminded of your Qixi celebration for years to come. 


Much like Zhinü and Niulang you only have one shot at expressing to your sweetie how much you love her on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. That’s why if you’re getting flowers delivered on Qixi, The Only Roses is the floral expert you should trust to ace your gift. 

We know the difference between good flowers and great flowers, and know that everlasting is in the details. The Only Roses is the premiere choice for anyone in the Los Angeles or Silicon Valley area and beyond looking to send the ultimate floral gift that says I love you loud and clear. 

You can select from our list of special arrangements or have a custom order made by visiting our website, or by visiting one of our retail locations in Westfield Santa Anita and Westfield Valley Fair. 

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