Romantic Flowers for Your Girlfriend - The Anti-Cheesy Guide

Getting another bouquet for her?

Sure why not? Girls love flowers right?

Well, actually bouquets (although, a standard gift for ladies) has gotten a bad rep for being cheesy. People want to receive well thought-out-gifts, but many Romeos have given flowers far too often that they are sometimes considered last-minute presents that are overused and less than memorable.

So how can you indulge someone with gorgeous blooms and still hit the mark in touching women’s hearts?

We got the answers for you. We rounded up some of the best ways to make your gift non-cheesy. 

Tip #1: Know the meaning behind flowers

So to show your recipient that you’ve given some thought to giving bouquets, you need to understand what each kind and color of flowers mean.

Just remember that whatever flower you choose, give them with a DIY card (not the store-bought hallmark cards with pre-written messages in them) that says exactly what your floral gift means so you won’t leave her decoding the flower’s meaning all by herself.

Here are the top five flowers for gifting and their underlying meanings. 

1. Roses

At the top of the list is, of course, everyone’s favorite flower — roses.

They’re commonly used to express passionate love. But depending on the color, it can mean a variety of things.

You can get them fresh from your local flower shop or you can order them preserved so they stay gorgeous for years. For preserved rose blooms, you may visit The Only Roses and select the color you like.

Here are some examples to help you choose.


This traditional color is the ultimate symbol of passion, romantic love, and beauty. It is a top choice for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.


They mean purity, innocence, and humility. Most men would give this to a girl they’re trying to pursue to let her know his good intentions. 


This rose color lets someone know you adore them for their grace and feminine charm.


If you have a friend you’ve hurt that you want to reconcile with, this is the flower to go. They mean friendship and happiness.


Your mom will love this shade, especially the meaning behind it — gratitude. Show your appreciation to your mom and anyone you’re feeling thankful for with peach roses.


Let someone know you got smitten at first sight. Have your roses sent to the girl of your dreams after meeting her so she’ll know that your initial interaction made a deep impression on you.

2. Gerbera daisies

It’s a symbol of cheerfulness and loyal love. These blooms are perfect when you want to befriend someone. You may also give it to hint on your growing affection so your friendship can develop into something more. 

3. Tulips

Want to fix an angry-girlfriend/wife situation?

Well, you got the perfect flowers right here. White tulips work great since they symbolize forgiveness and peace. You can also use pink and yellow tulips that denote sincere apologies. 

4. Peonies

These flamboyant flowers help people express their love and respect for someone. But one particular symbolism that’s unique to them is they also mean bashfulness. You can help someone feel more comfortable with you by letting them know that they need not worry about showing their true selves. Peonies can help you communicate to others that they just have to let their personalities bloom just like the mesmerizing florals you gave and you’ll love them for who they are. 

5. Sunflower

Cheerful blooms like sunflowers can easily brighten up someone's day. They symbolize positivity and strength. So if you have a friend or anyone in your life who’s feeling down, you can cheer them up by surprising them with a bouquet of sunflowers.

Tip #2: Customize your gift

Most flower shops offer pre-made bouquets that you can simply pick up or get delivered from their store. Though it might seem very enticing to just pick one and send them, it’s exactly the thing you need to avoid doing-especially if your partner is used to these kinds of gifts.

To show that you’ve put in some thought and creativity to it, call your local flower shop so you can have a bouquet personalized for your special someone. Your bouquet may include her favorite flower or treats like stuffed toy, wine, chocolates, or anything meaningful to her. 

For celebrating anniversaries, you may have the number of years you’re together shown on your flower arrangement so it will have a sentimental meaning. Here is an example from The Only Roses. 

The Only Roses offer customization for both fresh and preserved roses. Visit our website or call us at 1-833-474-3837 so our friendly staff can assist you with personalizing your gift. 

Tip #3: Level up by giving blooms that last

Want to give something extraordinary?

How about surprising her with a stunning bouquet of roses that lasts for three to five years?

Yes, you read that right. It’s possible with The Only Roses. Our Everlasting Roses are the gifts that keep on giving. They are real Ecuadorian roses that underwent our proprietary preservation process so they look as lovely as the day they were handpicked from our rose farms on the foothills of Ecuador.

And to make this gift meaningful to your partner, leave Post-it notes with a touching message whenever you can.

You can express your gratitude, love, apology, and whatnots. And as she reads your notes, she’ll see and smell captivating roses that will bloom for her every day and remind her of your undying love.You can also try leaving her some things you know she’d like by her Everlasting Roses. Try giving her movie tickets for two, some homemade chocolate truffles (ditch the good old commercial chocolates in heart-shaped boxes), or a hot cup of coffee or choco you prepared yourself. 


If your flower gifts are not making your partner swoon, then it’s probably time to level up your bouquet-gifting game.

Follow the tips we gave you so she’ll feel special with thoughtful flower arrangements. First, you need to know the symbolism behind flowers. Second, have a custom flower arrangement made especially for her. And lastly, upgrade your usual fresh bouquet gift to Everlasting Roses to symbolize your forever kind of love.

Good thing The Only Roses has you covered whether you like to give fresh or preserved flowers. We customize and can send some extra gifts based on your request. You may check out our floral masterpieces on our website but if you wish to see them in person, you can visit our flagship store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.

The best place to get your forever roses.

Some may say that flowers are already overrated gifts for occasions. But not if you give Ecuadorian Everlasting Roses encased in an acrylic box. It is a casual yet elegant present that can surely unveil the brightest smiles in any special occasions. You may check out our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 for more excellent floral gift ideas.

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