Real Flower Teddy Bear Made with Everlasting Roses

Where to get it, and how much does it cost?

Calling out all husbands and boyfriends out there!

Do you have a penchant for good taste and luxury?

Is there a special occasion coming up for you and your special someone like an anniversary, birthday, or even proposal?

If your answer is a YES on both these questions, then we have the perfect gift for the lucky woman in your life.

You know you can say “I love you” every day, but there are instances when you have to say it BIG.

A luxurious bouquet of fresh flowers may do the trick. 

But if you want to surprise her or make an impression of a lifetime, we have a floral arrangement that will 100% wow your special someone.

Gift your girlfriend or wife something top-notch, remarkable, and everlasting. Have her take home a souvenir of your precious moment together. Give her a giant bear made of Everlasting Roses — the Rose Bear!

It is the most luxurious gift we’ve ever created here at The Only Roses.

It’s a real flower rose bear that stands three feet tall and is fully covered with 600-650 preserved real red roses.

Just imagine the look of surprise and shock on your sweetie’s face when she sees this giant bear.

You may choose to get the Rose bear in either the Grand or Classic sizes.

Both flower arrangements are “unbearably” adorable.

Sitting on a black platform and fully encased in a clear acrylic box, it’s hard to miss how fabulously elegant and mesmerizing it is.

Our Rose Bear made with real preserved flowers is an eye-candy, a conversation starter, and the ultimate gesture of your genuine and everlasting love! 

Your girlfriend or wife will indeed proudly display and cherish your gift for a long time.

She’ll always want to look at this teddy bear and think about how lucky she is to have a remarkable man as her partner.

Extravagantly and thoughtfully express your feelings with the Rose Bear. 

Other Teddy Bear Products

However, if you feel that the occasion doesn’t call for such flamboyant gifts yet. And you probably just want to give something just because, then we also have the perfect rose teddy you can give. 

Try these adorable bears adorned with our premium Everlasting Roses. 

Teddy Rose Bear

Get your loved one this sweet crowned bear holding a single rose on his lap.

It’s like the adorable teddy is handing out a rose to your recipient that she’ll surely go “Awww, that’s cute!”

You won’t have to worry about wrapping it since the Teddy Rose Bear comes with a black and gold box adorned with a ribbon on top. 

You may get it in red, pink, and blue.  

Crystal Bear Keychain

Have your special someone, friend, or any important person in your life carry around a sweet memento of your affection.

Our Crystal Bear Keychains are perfect if you want them to have you on top of their minds all the time. 

Every Time they open their doors, car, or any of their valued things, they’ll feel happy you got them a handy cute keychain. They can also use it to brighten up their bags or purses with a little bit of beauty and style. 

Choose from our four colors of black, pink, silver, and gold.

Each comes with one real Everlasting Rose set in an acrylic ball and a beaded bear.

Brown Rose Bear Keychain

If you want to give a gift to someone younger or a person who appreciates pop culture then our keychain featuring Brown of LINE Friends should be your pick.

A single red Everlasting Rose in an acrylic ball comes with this product. 


So there you have it. 

Two of the most adorable gifts rolled into one — Everlasting Roses with teddies. 

Which one is your pick?

You may decide to go extra fancy with the bigger arrangements for special occasions. Or you probably want to give some cute gifts to a list of people. 

Either way, we have the perfect gift options for you!

Please visit The Only Roses for more lovely gift ideas. 

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