Need long-lasting flowers? We've listed all your top options.

A gift guide so you can cheer up someone with 
the most stunning Everlasting Roses.

Giving a gift can be a nerve-wracking task, and for a good reason.

It can sometimes make or break someone's impression of you. And even strengthen or ruin your cherished relationships.

At the same time, gifting opportunities to reinforce your bonds may come only once in a while. It’s important that you seize your chance to give the best presents.

So here are some suggestions to make each lady in your life feel valued with The Only Roses.

Wife / Girlfriend

Red roses are considered to be the flower of love. 

So many women expect them on Valentines or Anniversaries.

But there's an even better way for men to impress their special someone. 

Women love looking at and smelling the fragrance of these lovely blooms. But imagine if they can enjoy them for three to five years!

It's simply the best symbolism of long-lasting romantic love.

Try these eternal floral arrangements from The Only Roses:

Custom Rose Box

We understand that nothing beats personalized gifts.

So we added an option for you to select the box, color, and  patterns for the floral arrangements.  

Now, you can add more meaning to your gift  with personalization that suits her taste and make her the happiest.


We may never be able to fully give back and repay our moms for all the love and sacrifices they made for us. But we have the most stunning roses to help you show just how much you are grateful to them.

Give nothing less than the best roses for the #1 woman in your life.

Here are some gift ideas:

Rose Heart

You can say I love you to your mom with words. 

But you can add more meaning to it with our Rose Heart that lasts up to three to five years. 

Your mom will surely proudly display this eye-catching flower arrangement in any area of her home. 

Jewelry Box Medium Square (Purple)

Upgrade your mom's jewelry box to something more elegant and meaningful.

Give her The Only Roses' jewelry box and have her look at gorgeous blooms every time she picks her accessories for the day.

You can also select from our wide range of color options for this product.

Female relatives

Of course, we cannot leave out the other important women in your life.

Give gifts to your nana, your aunts, your sisters, or your nieces.

You’re sure to find  something special for all the lovely ladies  on your list. 

For your sister

Give her The Only Roses’ Hat Box Square. 

It is 16 select premium long-lasting roses placed in either a white or black sturdy signature box.

You may also pick your sister's favorite color from the 25 hues available.

For your grandma

Cheer up your nana even when you're not with her with our Everlasting Music Globe with a rainbow colored rose.

It will chase away gloomy days. And most importantly, make her think about her favorite granddaughter or grandson — you!

For your aunt/s

A pop of color may just be what your aunt needs, especially during depressing cold winter months.

Put a smile on her face even when you can't be together during the holidays, her birthday, or any special occasion.

Give her yellow roses in small, medium, or large Hat Box Round to help brighten up her mood the whole year or even longer!

For your niece/s 

Give her a Plush Unicorn Keychain.

It’s cute, useful, and fit for the younger generation or even the young at heart. 

Vary your keychain gift with  an assortment of accessories. You can choose from bears, animal figurines, tassels, and fluffy hearts.

Friend or someone you want to be friends with

Don't let your friend go about their day without seeing lovely and fragrant roses.

Tell your friend to place your gift on the counter just before she goes out of her house. That way, she can never forget that she's got a friend who constantly thinks and cares about her.

No matter how long it's been since you last saw and talked to each other in person, our Hat Boxes will guarantee that your bond stays strong.

Try giving your friend some of our most vibrant, long-lasting roses in orange, royal blue,  or rainbow.

Female boss/ client/ prospective client

Going after a busy prospective client? 

Your deal is as good as closed as long as you keep yourself remembered.

Gift them The Only Roses' Preserved Real Red Carnations Arrangement in Square Shadow Box.

Have them display their long-lasting flowers on their desks to relieve stress and put them in a brighter mood. 

And you won't have to worry about troubling them with tending to flowers since they require zero maintenance.


Flowers can help you make other people's day better. 

They’re the best gift to show your love for those whom you care about but haven’t seen or bonded with for a long time.

Our long-lasting roses can help you remind them how important they are to you.

So select the gifts that will create meaningful and lasting bonds here at The Only Roses. 

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