Luxury Flowers & Roses Delivery - Top Options for Fall 2021

Escape to France with the best luxury arrangements that are guaranteed to brighten up this season

Lovely bouquets and stunning table centers can always make anyone's day better. Have a luxury rose delivery for an event, your home, or office, or create a lasting impression. We are going to show you some of the most stunning floral arrangements this fall.

There’s no better place to get them than from The Only Roses.

We deliver the widest selection of Everlasting Rose and Luxury Fresh Bouquets worldwide.

Our Everlasting Roses are made from hand picked fresh roses from our farms in Ecuador.

There are no shortcuts to making these lovelies last forever.They undergo a complex preservation process so they stay as gorgeous as the day they are harvested.

And you don’t even have to spend time tending them. There’s no need for you to water or expose them to sunlight. So without further ado, here are some of the most popular Everlasting Rose arrangements this fall.

Shopping guide

Zodiac Rose

Never miss gifting your loved ones on their birthday. Let them know you love them for who they are! Give them a stunning Zodiac Rose. It comes with a high-quality gray gift box that reveals an enormous Everlasting Rose. The inside of the box is black to mimic the night sky. Some faux Cubic Zirconia is arranged so that they look like your recipient's star sign. The birthday celebrants in the fall are Virgos, Libras, and Scorpios. You may add a sweet note to add more meaning to your gift. Let the birthday celebrant know about their traits under their star sign that you love most. Are they loyal, hard-working, or the most outgoing person? Let them know to make your gift more sincere and help cement a long-lasting bond.

Hat Box Heart

If you wish to give a medium-sized arrangement, our Hat Box Heart is perfect for you. It's one of our best-selling products that boasts 30 to 33 perfectly preserved roses. The tall heart-shaped box makes it a perfect centerpiece because anyone who sees it will have an open view of the lovely rose blooms. And since it's heart-shaped, it's an excellent way to remind her how much you love her every day. The box is sturdy, so the recipient can move it to any area of her house as much as she likes without worrying about ruining the arrangement. You can choose from a black or white box. You also have the option to customize it to suit your recipient's taste better.

Hat Box Rose Dome

Make a statement by adding some extravagance with our Hat Box Rose Dome. This signature arrangement shows off our premium preserved roses on top of a tall and sturdy hat box. Place it anywhere in your house to create a luxurious vibe that suggests your fine taste. It's also perfect if you're someone who wants to impress somebody. It could be a lady you're trying to pursue, a person you want to network with, or a potential client.

Long Stem Rose Bouquet

This is perfect for the traditionalist who loves the look of long-stem roses. It comes in an elegant, long grey box stuffed with delicate paper wrapping and tied with ribbon. There's no need to arrange it in a vase. These roses already look glorious on a platform that makes them stand upright when you take them out of the box. You will make a big impression with this luxurious gift. And the best part is your sweetie can enjoy and cherish it for many years to come. You can get her a single rose or order them in three, six, nine, or a dozen long stem rose arrangements.

Rose Unicorn

How about a unicorn this fall? Why not? After all, they're the most adorable thing ever! The Only Roses has the cutest unicorn-shaped blush everlasting rose arrangement. We use select preserved roses to help bring this critter to life. It's a cute and luxurious gift that's sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face. She'll be pleasantly surprised once it arrives in front of her doorstep.

I ❤ U Surprise Box

Sometimes words aren't enough to express your feelings. But here's some good news for you! We have an arrangement to help you spell it out for your special someone — literally. Our I ❤ U Surprise Box is exactly what you need to express yourself loud and clear. The arrangement has 90 to 100 roses. They are carefully tucked into a sturdy briefcase covered in faux leather. Just imagine the look on your sweetie's face when she opens the lid. It will make her heart flutter seeing a sweet message spelled out so beautifully.

Rose Heart

Find your way to someone's heart by giving your heart — or at least a representation of it. Our Rose heart is a gigantic arrangement made with the highest-quality preserved roses. It's an over-the-top expression of your love, good taste, and sense of true luxury. Classy and elegant. It exudes passion that's sure to provoke any person's romantic side. It almost seems like floating inside its clear acrylic casing that you can remove anytime you wish. But it's better that you keep it inside to protect it from dust and water. Anyone who sees it can enjoy looking at the lovely blooms. And even from afar, its beauty stands out. It's simply a piece of art that's hard to miss.

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