Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Flowers & Roses

Decorating homes with flowers is perhaps as old as human civilization. Across cultures we have seen the use of flowers used for ceremonies and decorations. At The Only Roses we love being in the floral business and we bring you the widest selection of roses for home and other decoration. Our selection of flowers makes us one of the first choice stores for everlasting roses that can be used for home decorations, wedding receptions besides gifting someone on a special occasion.

If you are looking for flower decoration for home you’d find millions of ideas on the Internet. From seasonal flowers to those that are readily available round the year you have plenty of options to choose from. That said, no other flower species comes close in terms of acceptance and popularity as roses. Whether it is flower decoration for wedding reception or something that you’d want in your home roses is surely the first choice for most people. They are pretty, they are recognizable and most importantly they come in wide spectrum of shades to match every taste and decoration ideas. Let us take you through some ideas for flower decoration for your home.

Go for Everlasting Roses

As someone intent on using roses as a part of home decoration you would have to bear in mind that the ordinary roses tend to wilt and lose their color over few days. No matter how hard you try you will have to keep changing the flowers every few weeks or so. You don’t need to worry about this if you opt for everlasting roses or flowers which come in preserved boxes and other glass containers. This is what we specialize at The Only Roses. We offer you flowers that would keep blooming for a year or even more.

Look At the Larger Picture

Floral decorations are a small part of your overall room décor and you should always focus on the larger picture. What kind of ambiance am I planning to create? While the color shades and the arrangements work well with my furniture, color of the wall etc.? Will the flowers complement the art and artifacts I have in the room? You need to find answers to these questions before you start ordering for the flowers. Thinking of flower decorations independently can go horribly wrong irrespective of how much you spend on buying flowers.

Choose The Right Color

It goes without saying that red in the most popular shade when it comes to roses. But there is a world beyond red roses and you will be able to choose from dozens of other shades. One glance through our website you will be excited at the different shades of color we have. From the conventional pinks, yellows and whites to the rather rare silver, green and golden shades we match everyone’s tastes and needs. Also make sure the flowers are in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

Floral decorations at home are a great way to express your creativity and hence you can choose a shade that blends with the ambiance you are looking to create at home. If the walls and furnishing in your home are in bright shades you can choose to go with bright shades of color. In case you are looking to create that subtle feel inside the home shades such as peach, light blue etc. would be your ideal pick.

Choose The Right Flower Type

When it comes to floral arrangements you have several options to choose from. There are classic boxes that come in different shapes which is the most preferred option. Apart from this you will also be able to choose among different sizes of hat boxes. Single roses are a great choice if you have a small area to decorate. You can go for either of these options based on the ideas you have in mind or place order for custom flowers with us. Here we allow you to choose your own shades, types and sizes to lend that magical touch to your home’s ambiance.

Be Creative with Arrangements

You can spend all the money in the world on flowers and yet not be able to create the kind of ambiance that you are looking for. This is where it is important to plan out the arrangement carefully. The first rule of floral arrangement is to ensure that the flowers are proportionate with the surroundings or what they sit on. If you are placing the flowers on a large oak table you can go for tall flower boxes but doing the same on a coffee table may spoil the decorations. You should opt for small and medium sized flower boxes or single roses for such places. Your aim should be simple – you should create an ambiance where the flowers seem like they belong there and not create a sense of forceful arrangement.

Weddings Decorations Ideas

Flowers and weddings are surely inseparable. If you are thinking of flower decoration for wedding reception red is perhaps the shade that would immediately come to your mind. While the color does symbolize love and togetherness better than any other shade you shouldn’t restrict yourself to this shade when it comes to wedding decorations. If you have decided a theme for the wedding you should match the flowers to that theme. Here we bring you a wide range of choice. Think of decorating the venue with a mix of blue and gold, this is one decoration idea that has picked up in the recent times. You can also experiment with our constellation collections choosing shades representing the star signs of the bride and the groom.

To sum up you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting when it comes to flower decoration for home. Keep the basic rules in mind and browse the Internet for inspirations. Once you have decided on the flowers you want we are sure you will find them all on our store. The best roses for decoration are all here, we guarantee you won’t have to look elsewhere.

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