Guide to Blue Roses: Their Origins, Meanings, and Where to Find Them

Blue is a color of abundance. Picture the sea and the sky stretching out for miles around you. Doesn’t it feel vast?

The funny thing about the color blue, though, is that it’s actually pretty uncommon in animals and plants. Blue pigmentation just isn’t that common in nature.

Still, though… Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to capture that kind of expansive beauty in something small? To be able to hold that feeling of infinity in your hands, or even give it as a gift?

Maybe that’s part of the reason blue roses are so popular. They put that color and all the meaning it holds right into the palm of your hand. Today we’re going to take a look at the history and symbolism of blue roses in order to figure out just what makes them so special.

Origins of Blue Roses

When you picture a rose, you probably picture a red one. Maybe a pink one, or a white one, but almost certainly not a blue one. Blue isn’t a pigment that naturally occurs in roses. So you may be asking yourself: Are blue roses real?

The short answer to that is, yes! But this process is a little more complicated than simply planting a seed and waiting for blooms. So, how are blue roses made?

Blue roses have traditionally been made by dyeing white roses with blue dye. This practice dates back to ancient times, with reports of azure-colored roses dating back to the 12th century. 

The process of dyeing roses involves soaking the stem in water that contains a dye. This practice can produce roses in a variety of shades, including blue. 

Creating roses that grow blue straight off of the stem has been a goal of horticulturists for centuries. However, the truly blue rose has, so far, eluded scientists. In 2004, Japanese scientists with a company called Suntory managed to successfully splice genes from pansy flowers into roses so that the rose plants would produce delphinidin, a blue pigment not naturally found in roses. 

While this was a scientific breakthrough, and the resulting roses were marketed as “blue roses”, they actually displayed more of a lavender hue. Thus, for a true-blue rose experience, dyed flowers are still the most common option.

But why is it that people are willing to go to such great lengths to develop roses in shades of blue? What’s so special about that idea?

Well, perhaps it’s simply the fact that it’s so difficult. The natural blue rose represents an unattainable ideal. For that reason, people have been striving for centuries to create this dreamy flower.

Meanings of Blue Roses

Blue roses can represent many things. 

As with all roses, blue roses are associated with feelings of love. However, in keeping with the difficulty of creating blue roses, they can be used to represent a love that feels unrequited, unattainable, or simply impossible.

It’s not all so gloomy, though. Another aspect of the blue rose is the idea of achieving the impossible. Think following your dreams, and doing what others said can’t be done. In this way, the blue rose is positive, representing met goals and granted wishes.

The shade of blue also has an impact. Lighter shades of blue are said to invite feelings of calm and peace. Think of laying in a grassy field on a sunny afternoon and looking at the sky. Think of how safe that turquoise shade makes you feel, how it makes all your problems feel far away. That’s the kind of feeling a pale blue rose brings to the table.

Darker tones, like navy or royal blue roses, have their own meanings. Night-sky shades can represent dreams and their mysteries. Think again of the sky, but this time, it’s dusk, and you’re about to fall asleep. Think about the vastness of that deep blue and all the wishes that have been made on those stars. That’s what the dark blue rose invites.

Where You Can Find Them

Perhaps all this is giving you an interest in finding some blue roses for yourself or your loved ones. You want to give yourself or someone else a beautiful gift that represents just how resilient love can be, and how anything is possible. 

Blue roses can’t be found everywhere, but a quality specialty florist should be able to help you find gorgeous blue roses to suit your needs.  If you’re in need of elaborate and colorful arrangements, you can find all kinds of options for blue roses at The Only Roses

With flowers in shades ranging from turquoise and sky blue to deep, rich royal blue, we have no shortage of color for you to choose from.  The multitude of arrangements available ensure that you’ll be able to give a perfect gift. If you’re looking for something traditional, elegant, and timeless you might want to consider our Shadow Boxes or a breathtaking bouquet of long stem blue roses.  Are you gifting blue roses to someone who has more unique tastes?  Create a custom rose box to give them something that is truly one-of-a-kind.  Our roses will remain vibrant and aromatic for a year, like a gift that keeps on giving.  Consider The Only Roses, home of the only roses you will ever need.

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