Fresh, Dried, Artificial, or Preserved?

A rundown on the good points and bad points so you can choose 
the suitable floral arrangement for every occasion. 

Flowers bring joy to everyone. 

They can immediately uplift the spirit with their vibrant colors and fragrant smells. 

From bouquets, wreaths, and centerpieces — it's clear that flowers don't just belong in the garden but have always been an essential part of our daily lives.

So here we will talk about the benefits and downsides of each type of flower to guide you in choosing what suits your needs. 

Fresh flowers

They are usually the go-to flowers for decor and bouquets. 

They can quickly transform any plain venue into a joyous paradise and are commonly given to ladies to show affection and appreciation. 


These flowers smell great, so they are ideal for anyone who also loves appreciating flowers for both their beauty and fragrance . 

With the help of professional florists or anyone knowledgeable with flower arrangement, you can easily create exquisite styling for your home or events. 


Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate pollen. So people with allergies aren't big fans of fresh flowers. 

It may also not be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to gifts since some people prefer receiving things that they can keep for a long time. 

They wilt pretty fast if not appropriately tended. Fresh flowers need to be watered and exposed to sunlight if you wish to prolong their beauty. That’s why they’re not suitable for people who are too busy with work or studies. 

They may last one to two weeks at most. 

Best for

Since you can't expect them to stay fresh for a long time, they are ideal for one-day events like weddings, formal gatherings, or ceremonies.

And if you want to give a bouquet to someone to show appreciation, fresh flowers are also a great choice since many women love receiving them. However, you need to know first if the person you're giving flowers to isn't allergic to pollen. 

Dried flowers

These types of flowers have become more mainstream starting 2020, thanks to social media.

Millennials dig them since dried flowers and grass are low maintenance and eco-friendly. 

They also fit the current trending interior aesthetic of earthy tones and muted colors. 


Dried flowers last longer than fresh ones. 

They are pretty, and you can create flower arrangements that suit your taste, especially if you are going for a more Parisian vibe.

They may also come in various hues like earthy tones and pastel depending on how they are dyed. 


Dried florals may provide less variety since not all flowers are suitable for drying. 

Commonly dried flowers are lavender, baby's-breath, and most drought-tolerant blooms.

Best for

Dried flowers are a good option if you prefer more muted tones in your flower arrangements and bouquets.

And if you or the person who'll receive the flowers doesn't have much time outside work or studies, then this can be one of your best picks. 

Artificial flowers

Faux flowers are a practical choice to many since not everyone can afford to regularly buy fresh blooms for their interior spaces. 


This one takes the cake when it comes to longevity and convenience. 

They can last for years since they are made with silk, polyester, plastic, or rubber. 

More artificial flowers made of rubber have been produced in recent years, and they look so realistic that it's hard to tell them apart from fresh ones. 

They’re also the best solution if you’re allergic to pollen but want to enjoy seeing beautiful blooms. 


Some people don't find them elegant since they are not real. 

They are the least favored type of flower for bouquet arrangements since they are considered cheap. 

And although they may suggest everlastingness, they are also fake. So it can lead your recipients to think that your feelings towards them aren't genuine.

But many people still keep them around their homes as decor since it's not very sustainable to have fresh flowers all the time. 

Best for

They are great to use as table centerpieces, for accessories, costume jewelry, or clothes. 

They’re perfect for you if you enjoy seeing seasonal flowers all year round — like some tulips in September. 

And if you live in a country where specific flowers aren't cultivated, or if the weather conditions don't allow them to thrive, then artificial flowers are the sure way to go.  

Preserved flowers

They have all the positive qualities of the flowers mentioned above and more! 


First, they are stunningly beautiful. 

They look as immaculately captivating as fresh flowers — the color, texture, and scent are the same.

Second, if you're giving them as gifts, your recipients will love that they are hassle-free. They require little to no maintenance, that is, no water and sun needed at all. 

And third, they will last for up to three to five years.

Although the original scent is lost during the preservation process, fragrance is added to the blooms.


The only downside is the cost.

However, although they may be pricier than the first three types of flowers, it's all worth the investment since, in the long run, you can save more with preserved flowers than buying fresh ones every one or two weeks. 

This downside with the price can also be advantageous if you want to impress someone since they exude luxury, elegance, and refined taste. 

Best for

They are best if you want to give wow-worthy gifts, liven up your indoor spaces, (especially during the fall or winter months,) and add a touch of glam to your events.

If you think these are the perfect flowers for you, The Only Roses can help.

We source our preserved roses from farms in Ecuador that grow the loveliest and biggest rose blooms. 

We have the most extensive collection of floral arrangements that can elevate your gifting game as well as the decor and styling of your events. 

Here are some suggestions…

Jewelry Box

Combine utility and everlasting beauty, and you'll get the perfect gift.

Our special jewelry boxes come in small, medium, and large sizes. You may also choose different hues from our 25 color selections. 

One Dozen Long Stem Roses

It can be both a gift and a decor for your home or an event. 

Just like fresh flowers, you'll get them complete with stems and leaves. They come with a lovely vase, so it's ready to display right after you receive it. 

Shadow Box Heart

Now, if you're a Romeo and want to surprise someone with the most beautiful Everlasting Roses from Ecuador, you can get either our Shadow Box Small Heart or Shadow Box Medium Heart.


It's a given that flowers make people feel special and are great decoration pieces. 

With the different kinds of flowers we see today, you must consider the pros and cons so you can choose the one that’s suitable for your style, purpose, and occasion. 

If you need preserved roses, The Only Roses can provide you with arrangements varying from petite to large ones. 

We also customize and use different rose colors so you can give the best gift or create the perfect floral accent for your space. 

We also want to let you know that we'll be making fresh floral arrangements very soon, so if you're a local customer, you may visit us at our showroom located at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.

Check out our website to learn more. 

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