Forever Roses Shopping Guide

Where to Get, How to Care, and Everything you need to know about the most luxurious forever roses

The gift-giving season is fast approaching.
Do you already have something in mind for your loved ones?
If not, then let us show you a one-of-kind gift — roses. BUT not just any kind of roses. We’re talking about forever roses.
They’re the ultimate symbol of infinite love or any positive emotions you want to convey.It all sounds unlikely for roses to last forever. But here at The Only Roses, we made that possible for you! Let’s bring happiness to the important people in your life for many years to come.

How forever roses can help your relationships

It might seem that the internet has connected us with the rest of the world. But the reality is we're living in a time when we are more isolated from each other..
And it’s also inevitable that our relationships go through some rough times.

But what if there’s a way for us to keep our bonds strong — even without words or being physically present.

Imagine giving a gift that will help express your feelings for someone every day for forever.

It's like a whisper of "I love you" whenever a wife goes to her vanity adorned with some forever roses.

... A sweet note to a dear friend of how much you miss her every time she gets a whiff of the everlasting flowers you gave.

... Or perhaps some forever roses on your prospect client's office table working hard to push your proposed business deal every time he sees it.

Shopping guide

In the pageant of roses, this one wins the beauty and longevity competition. Your recipients won’t have the bitter-sweet experience of throwing away your gifts. And they can enjoy having lovely roses forever to brighten up their mood and their day. We want to help you create solid, long-lasting relationships. That's why we built 12 collections where you are sure to find a gift to give to every special person in your life.

Hat Boxes

Have the important people in your life revel in a bouquet of forever roses. They are elegantly arranged in a luxurious box to highlight the roses’ stunning beauty. Simple, elegant, and timeless.

Shadow Boxes

They are the perfect addition to your loved ones’ home decor. The shadow box is made to be displayed on its side so everyone can appreciate the beauty of the delicate rose blooms. You can get them in round or heart shape and in different sizes.

Jewelry Boxes

Utility and beauty in one. Make your mom, sister, nana, or aunt remember you when they select their jewelry for the day. The mesmerizing flowers are in full display with the clear acrylic box that allows the user to have a full view of the roses.

Beauty and The Beast

Make the special girl in your life feel like a fairytale princess by gifting her a Beauty & the Beast-inspired rose. Tell her that her rose is enchanted but in a good way because it will always remind her of your care and affection. 

Music Globe

A piece that’s both visually and audibly appealing. Have the people you care for feast their eyes on a large bloom of premium rose while enjoying themselves in relaxing musical notes.


They’re adorable and will appeal to women of all generations. A lovely rose bloom in an acrylic ball accompanied by an accessory of your choice. It can be tassels, fluffy hearts and poufs, or animal figurines that sparkle and bring personality to your or your recipients’ purse or bag.

Teddy Rose Bear

Another winner in the cuteness category is an endearing teddy holding a large rose bloom.

Zodiac Roses

The best birthday gift. An enormous forever rosebud in a high-quality gift box that features your recipient’s star sign in faux diamonds.

Swing Opening Box

A great way to surprise someone. The biggest forever rose your recipients will ever see waiting to be revealed. All they have to do is untie the ribbon and swing open the box to delight themselves in the forever rose’s beauty.

Heart Glass Dome

Sitting on a wooden base is a fully matured rose. We intentionally wait for the rosebud to fully open so that you can enjoy it at its biggest and fullest bloom.

Long Stem Roses

Give your special someone something traditional yet extraordinary at the same time. Our long stem roses come in a protective box with a handle that can be displayed upright with the cover open to show the exquisite blooms inside.

Luxury Collection

Make your loved one gasp in delighted surprise. Give them some of the most extravagant forever rose arrangements. They are perfect for big moments to make them even more unique and memorable. We can help you hide a ring inside them. We can also arrange a special delivery service for an even more unforgettable experience.

The best place to get your forever roses

Gift giving is critical in establishing and maintaining bonds.

But you need to get it right if you wish for it to serve its purpose of bringing you closer to people and not the other way around.

That’s why here at The Only Roses, we make sure that our deliveries arrive on time and in excellent condition.With our roses, you can rest assured that your recipients get the best-preserved roses. They are high-quality, premium, securely packed, and delivered on time.

And if you have any questions or concerns, you will get first-class customer service from our friendly staff.

You may also visit us at our physical store if you live in Southern California at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.

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