Flowers for New Moms: Best Practices and Top Sellers

Having a baby is probably one, if not the most, magical moment in a person’s life.

Not only is it anticipated by would-be moms, but also family members, friends, and colleagues.

Everybody gets to share the happiness that each new bundle of joy brings. However, welcoming a newborn is as challenging as it is exciting.

It’s blissful right from the beginning, but as the weeks progress, parents, especially the moms, will experience the difficulties of parenthood. The people who care about her must find ways to show her support.

And to cheer on moms and help them embrace motherhood, why not spoil them with gorgeous flowers?

What we have for you are some tips on gifting flowers for new moms and recommended flower arrangements you can easily order online. 

Where to send flowers?

It’s common to send flowers to moms in the hospital. However, it is best to send them to their homes.

Although seeing fresh flowers can help postpartum moms recover and relieve their stress and pain, overwhelming them with gifts can cause them more stress. Also, keep in mind that the new parents have to carry the baby and baby stuff home. And so the last thing we want to do is to cause them additional burden by giving them more items to bring home.

Now, if you really want to be one of the first to give them bouquets, you must contact the hospital first to inquire about their policies about bringing flowers.

Some institutions don’t allow visitors to bring floral arrangements as they might cause allergic reactions to other patients.

When should I send flowers? 

You might wonder when is the best time to send flowers for a new baby.

Most will probably think that it’s best to send flowers as soon as the baby is born to congratulate the new mom. However, moms are pretty preoccupied at this stage since they’re still recovering from labor or surgery and have to take care of their babies at the same time. Because of this, she may not be able to appreciate your gift fully.

That’s why it’s best to wait a week or two before you send her flowers. By that time, the mom and her baby had both settled down.

Sending her flowers on the second week can help new moms cope better too. During this time, it’s most likely that she and her husband are both starting to lose sleep and probably getting exhausted juggling work with family. Your gesture can mean a lot to the couple and the moms, most especially. 

What if you don’t know the gender? 

Some parents choose to wait to find out the gender until the baby is born. They may believe that it’s one of life’s precious mysteries, making pregnancy and giving birth more exciting.

On your end, as a gift-giver, you might feel at a loss when choosing flower bouquets. Traditionally, pink is assigned for baby girls while blue is for baby boys.

But fret not if you’re not aware of the sex of the baby. Many shops create gender-neutral new baby flower arrangements. Cream, yellow, or a mix of pastel-colored blooms are usually used for these bouquets. 

Is it okay to send flowers long after the baby is born?

Yes, you may, and you probably should.

As mentioned earlier, new moms have a lot of things going on with their lives on the first few days after delivery. They’re taking care of a new life that requires constant attention, plus their bodies need to recover from childbirth.

In addition to this, getting loads of flowers (although touching) can cause them unnecessary headaches. They need to find a vase, arrange it, and later on tend to them, which ultimately adds to their long list of tasks.

You can send new moms flowers when you feel like they need someone to cheer them up at challenging times.

Now that we have brushed up some useful tips on giving new moms flowers, we have a list of some of the bestselling baby-mom bouquets. 

Top sellers 


If you’re giving a bouquet to congratulate a new mom, Genesis is the perfect flower to give since it symbolizes new beginnings.

It’s a harmonious ensemble of some of the most lavish blooms you can ever imagine arranged in one luxurious bouquet.

Any lady who’ll receive this will feel really special. This grand arrangement mixes various kinds of roses, hydrangeas, gold-painted foliage, some white orchids, and more!

It’s the ultimate statement of elegant femininity. And since we’re using only the freshest and the best blooms, this grand bouquet exudes a vibrant aura that’s hard to miss. 

Gender-Specific Bouquets

Flowers for New Moms with Baby Boy

Ocean is a captivating collection of exotic blooms combined with some of our staples: roses and hydrangeas. 

Jewelry Box Medium Square (Blue)

For everlasting Roses, you may give this lovely collection of blue roses inside an acrylic jewelry box from The Only Roses collection. It’s a great way to welcome a new baby boy. And you can have your well wishes written on a customizable complimentary greeting card that comes with it.

Flowers for New Moms with Baby Girl


It’s everyone’s favorite ballerina from Disney.The new mom will instantly adore this arrangement that features the iconic purple bunny ears of Stella Lau. You can get it from The Only Roses with either fresh roses or preserved ones that can last for three to five years. 

Rose Unicorn

This lovely Everlasting Rose Unicorn is exactly what you need to help a new mother celebrate the birth of her newborn baby girl.

It’s made with 140-160 blush Ecuadorian Everlasting Roses complete with horns, ears, wings, and tail.

The best part is that her daughter will still enjoy this magical critter until she reaches five years old. 


Being a mom is one of the most incredible things that a woman can experience.

And it can happen to you, your family, your circle of friends, and your colleagues. We can show our support and share in the joy of welcoming a new life by giving flowers.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of new baby bouquets you can purchase online and from physical flower shops in your area.

But if you’re looking for modern and fashionable fresh bouquets or elegant Everlasting Rose arrangements, The Only Roses has them for you.

You may explore more choices on our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA, at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.

The best place to get your forever roses

Some may say that flowers are already overrated gifts for occasions. But not if you give Ecuadorian Everlasting Roses encased in an acrylic box. It is a casual yet elegant present that can surely unveil the brightest smiles in any special occasions. You may check out our website or visit our store at The Only Roses Arcadia Westfield Santa Anita Mall 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 The Only Roses Valley Fair Westfield Valley Fair Mall 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd. Ste 1129 Santa Clara CA 95050

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