Flowers as Birthday Gifts: Top Kinds, Arrangements, and Etiquette Rules

Every year all of us get to celebrate our special day.

And if there’s one thing that makes birthday celebrants happy is if they know that their loved ones remembered their day.

Some of the gestures to let people know you haven’t forgotten about them on their birthday is when you can greet them through a phone call, social media post, or greeting cards. And of course, it’s even better if you can give them a gift that will make them happy on their special day.

If you’re giving a gift to a lady, you might get confused with so many ideas. Your choices can range from lavish presents like jewelry, handbags, and gadgets to the more affordable ones, like their favorite scent, makeup, and other personal care products.

With a great number of choices to give ladies, you might be wondering: “Are flowers good birthday gifts?”

Well, yes absolutely!

A lady may feel special when you give them a bouquet. Although it might seem that it’s not a worthwhile gift since they have no practical use, you can’t underestimate the charm and uplifting powers of flowers. If you’re going to think about it, the surest way to make someone feel like a queen on her birthday (or any day of the year for that matter) is a gorgeous floral arrangement.

But of course, you can’t just grab any flower arrangement and give it to her without much thought. Even if flowers can instantly make someone’s day, women still prefer if you can put in more creativity and thought to your gift.

So here are some pointers to help you give flowers to any lady celebrating her birthday.

Type of flowers

Most commonly, flowers like roses, gerbera, carnations, orchids, and tulips are used for birthday bouquets. These are flamboyant flowers that can boost anyone’s mood and bring a cheerful vibe with their vibrant colors.

However, it is probably best if you can give the birthday celebrant a bouquet of her favorite flowers (if any) so you can impress her with your thoughtfulness. This will suggest that you know her deeply and that you’re paying attention to the things she likes.

It’s important to take note that some blooms may not be available for that specific time of the year or that it’s not available in a certain region. So to make sure that you won’t come empty-handed, you need to have an alternative in case you can’t give the celebrant her favorite blooms. 

For a personalized bouquet, you may contact your local flower shop so they can curate the flowers you need. If you’re living in Southern California, you can contact The Only Roses through this hotline: 1-833-474-3837. You may also personally visit our Flagship Store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007.


If she does not have a favorite flower, or if you aren’t aware of it, the safest thing to do is to choose the recipient’s favorite color. 

You can ask your local flower shop to select a variety of fresh blooms (regardless of their meaning) that follow the same color theme.

Or you can send them Everlasting Roses from The Only Roses. They are the most pristine rose blooms curated from Ecuador and immortalized using our proprietary preservation technique that lets them stay their most beautiful for three to five years. 

This is a gift the birthday celebrant can treasure for a long time. You can select from our 25 lovely hues that are available for our Rose Box and Single Rose arrangements.

Here are some examples.




When to send flowers

Giving gifts on time, including flowers, is a must. 

Make sure that you give your local flower shop enough time to prepare your bouquet. If you’re ordering Everlasting Roses online, you need to consider that your order will need time for shipping. 

The Only Roses know that every order made is a special delivery so we guarantee that your roses will arrive on time or you’ll get your money back. 

However, if you forgot someone’s birthday or if you’re late hearing about it, you can still send them flowers. You just need to point out that they are birthday presents so they know why you’re sending them blooms. 

Other things you need to keep in mind

- Size

It’s the thought that counts as they usually say.

But with flower arrangements for birthdays, size does matter. If the person you’re giving it to is celebrating a milestone birthday (such as coming of age at 16, 21, 30, 40, 50, and so on), giving a grander bouquet is usually expected. 

With The Only Roses, you can put a number on your bouquet to celebrate their age through Custom arrangements

- Style

You have to consider the type of personality the birthday celebrant has. Here are some style examples of arrangements you can give based on personality.  

For women who are playful and free-spirited, they’ll love fun and quirky designs like these. 

Rose Unicorn

Takashi Murakami Kiki Figure

Others can be mature and would appreciate more formal arrangements like these.

Hat Box Rose Dome

Long Stem One Dozen Roses Bouquet


Our birthday is probably one, if not the most important celebration of the year. 

For many of us, it’s a time to reflect over the past year, celebrate our health, accomplishments, and remember the things we’re thankful for. This special day is also perfect to reconnect with our friends and family members. And it won’t be complete without gifts. 

Help your loved ones, especially the women in your life, celebrate their birthdays by giving them The Only Roses’ Luxury Fresh Bouquets or Everlasting Roses.  

The best place to get your forever roses.

Some may say that flowers are already overrated gifts for occasions. But not if you give Ecuadorian Everlasting Roses encased in an acrylic box. It is a casual yet elegant present that can surely unveil the brightest smiles in any special occasions. You may check out our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 for more excellent floral gift ideas.

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