Arrangements of Preserved Roses - From Playful to Exquisite

Flowers may be a standard gift these days.

They are a surefire way to add passion to your relationship.

What’s more is that these days you no longer have to settle with fresh blooms.

There are a variety of flower gift options like dried and preserved florals that are as beautiful but are longer lasting.

These are perfect to let your partner know that your love is genuine and eternal.

But since love isn’t only confined to that which you share with a romantic partner, let us introduce you to more playful gift options.

They work pretty well as gifts for the younger generation that are interested with things that look cute and something they can use everyday.

The good thing is The Only Roses have special Everlasting Rose arrangements that appeal to women of all ages.

Let’s take a look to see what beautiful finds we have here for you.

Winter Boot Keychain

This super adorable winter boot may not be big enough to warm your loved one’s feet.
But it’s going to do a great job warming their hearts.

This coming winter season, send them this cute gift with a personal handwritten note to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them.

This is perfect to give your friends or relatives living in places far away from you. You may not be able to physically get together for the holidays but they’ll surely feel more connected with you with this adorable keychain.

Here are more fluffy keychains that are perfect as gifts for the younger generation.

   • Plush Unicorn Keychain
   • Plush Dog Toy Keychain 
   • Fluffy Cat Paw Keychain

Crystal Bear Keychain

This is another playful choice but with some element of sophistication.

They are great for girls in their teens or twenties because they are still very cute and childlike with the bear accessory.

But since the bear is made of beads, they’re glittery and exude a more posh vibe.

Your loved ones can keep their keys organized with these beauties or they can use it to glam up their purses or bags.

Teddy Rose Bear

A gift idea that can be both romantic and playful is this crowned teddy holding out a single rose bloom for your sweetie.

She’ll go “awwww” every time she sees this cute little critter.

This gift item comes with a special box to add to the surprise element of opening this gift.

You can choose from three colors, (red, pink and blue) depending on what you think your recipient will like the most. 

Beauty and the Beast Rose

Every lady carries a child-like fascination for fairytales in their hearts.

Let her know you want to treat her like a princess by giving her a single rose bloom that looks like it came right out of the pages of the classic fairytale — Beauty and the Beast.

But don’t worry, this rose won’t turn anyone into a beast forever. For one, this enchanted rose’s petals won’t fall off.

And second, the only curse it has is it will make your loved one smile every time she looks at this beautiful bloom. 

Rose Unicorn 

And since love is truly a magical experience, we decided to throw in a unicorn in our collection.

It’s pretty far-fetched that you and your special someone will go riding a flying unicorn to take you to an enchanted island.But at least this super adorable pink unicorn will delight her just as much!

It’s complete with ears, a horn, a silky pink and white tail cascading at the back and of course a pair of wings!

It’s a perfect centerpiece any girl can proudly display in her bedroom or vanity.

Hat Box Small Round

A great way to spice up your romantic life or to stay connected with those important to you is to surprise them with gifts.

You don’t have to time it with special occasions. It would look more sincere when you surprise them just because you’re feeling really grateful for having them in your life.

And what better way to do that than to have an arrangement of the most lovely eternal blooms delivered right at their doorstep!

You can give them this stunning Hat Box Small Round that they can place anywhere inside their homes. It’s the perfect flower arrangement to provide an interesting accent to a coffee table or a bookshelf. 

Hat Box Rose Dome

Now moving on to the more exquisite gift options. We have our Hat Box Rose Dome for a mega impression.

The blooms will steal the show as they are fully visible in all their glory.They are meticulously arranged by artisans for maximum aesthetic appeal.

You or the person you’re giving it too can simply place this anywhere in your house or office to instantly give it a more luxurious look.

Just make sure that these roses don’t get exposed to water or sunlight for them to remain beautiful for three to five years. 

Rose Heart

Now for the ultimate romantic gift, this one probably takes the cake.

It’s shaped like a heart and is made of the loveliest red eternal roses.

Propped on a black platform and protected with a clear acrylic box, it’s a showstopper and a great conversation piece.

If you’re to say that you love someone for the first time, this arrangement will send your message loud and clear.

It’s also perfect if you want to make your relationship stronger. Any one who gets this will surely feel those butterflies in their stomach everytime they look at this extravagant stunning heart-shaped arrangement.

The best place to get your forever roses

Flowers can be a versatile gift.

Although they are mostly given to romantic partners, you can also give them to your mom, sisters, your boss, or a friend.

The Only Roses have arrangements that can be playful or exquisite so you’re sure to find a perfect gift for any person in your life.

You may check out our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 for more excellent floral gift ideas.

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