7 Reasons Why Boxed Roses Add Real Class to Relationships

Find out why these special arrangements are Considered to be sophisticated floral gifts

They're already beautiful on their own…

Anyone given flowers of any kind will indeed feel loved and special.

So imagine how much more it would tantalize your recipients if they receive an elegant arrangement of the most stunning blooms in a box! 

Needless to say, it will create a lasting impression. But what is it exactly that makes a box of roses so special? Let's find out…

1. They're Unique

As you may already observe, it's pretty standard that people receive flowers in bouquets.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Fresh blooms tastefully arranged and wrapped with colored tissue paper and some strings and ribbons will surely delight anyone.

But if you want to take your gift to a whole new level, boxed flowers are the way to go. And to impress even more, you can give some preserved flowers, more specifically — roses.

The Only Roses creates some of the most stunning boxed Everlasting Roses arrangements.

Imagine huge rose blooms elegantly secured on premium boxes, and they stay gorgeous for three to five years!

Truly a gift that deserves a special mention. 

2. Boxes made with premium materials.

Another excellent feature is that the boxes used are sturdy and have a luxurious feel.

These boxes can come in different patterns and textures. They are sometimes even made with different materials like paper, leather, or suede.

And since these boxes are of high-quality materials and sturdy, they are also very useful. You won't have to arrange your blooms in a vase because they already look fab on their boxes. It's an exquisite centerpiece that will add more class to any home or office.

The box may also be made of clear acrylic to showcase the flowers fully. A great example of this is The Only Roses' Jewelry Box collection. It combines beauty, elegance, and utility, so it's the ultimate gift you can have delivered to any special woman in your life.

We also have Everlasting Roses arranged in Hat Boxes with a matte finish, while the Shadow Boxes come in a more textured paper finish. 

3. They come in different shapes and sizes.

You'll never run out of options when you choose to give boxed roses.

Depending on the occasion and the number of people you want to send your gifts to, you can go for petite, medium, or large-sized arrangements.

Most commonly, people like to send roses in round or square boxes.

But your gift can be more symbolic because you can customize them or get them in different shapes like hearts, letters, and numbers.

If you want to gift Everlasting Roses in a heart box, you may choose from these:
  • Jewelry Box Heart
  • Hat Box Heart
  • Shadow Heart Box small, medium, and large
  • Romantic Love Box 

4. Causes no trouble on your recipient

They don't need to put their flowers in a vase. And if you decide to give preserved florals in a box, your recipient won't even have to water them or put them where they can get sunlight.

The Only Roses creates stunning arrangements of preserved roses expertly handmade by artisans that are meant to be displayed with the box.

You or your recipient can simply put it on top of any table and not do anything at all except maybe dust it from time to time. Other than that, it's a zero-hassle gift item. 

5. No filler blooms or greenery

Filler blooms and greens are commonly used in fresh floral bouquets.

But with boxed roses, like the ones we have here at The Only Roses, what you'll get are 100% premium blooms that last.

That's why this gift is a standout and is considered to be far more luxurious than ordinary fresh flower bouquets. 

6. Surprise element

Since not everyone is used to receiving a box of roses, many are blown away when they get one.
There are boxes designed to let the recipient peek on the inside of the box, like The Only Roses' Shadow Box.

But if you want to keep your gift a secret up to the last minute, then go with our Hat Box. You can also have it customized to have a certain pattern to make the gift more interesting. 

7. Perfect to combine with other gifts

Want to give other gifts aside from flowers?

Not a problem!

You can have your boxed flower arrangements customized to have other things inside apart from flowers.

You can simply ask your florist to add your gift inside the box, whether you're giving fresh or preserved ones.

Some of the most memorable gifts we made for our clients are heart boxes with chocolates or wine. 

And we also love helping our male customers propose by hiding rings on our Swing Opening boxes.

Send roses in a box to cheer up someone. The Only Roses' preserved flowers will give anyone's home or office a more dramatic and polished look. And the best part is, you never have to toss them out because they don't die and stay in their best condition for at least three to five years. 

The best place to get your forever roses

Have you already picked an arrangement to surprise your loved ones? If not yet, we have more spectacular blooms to offer. Strengthen your relationships or form new ones. Visit The Only Roses and browse for more extraordinary flower arrangements. Subscribe to our email newsletter for more updates. We'll soon launch our luxury fresh flower bouquets on our website. We have the loveliest flowers for events, corporate gifting, and subscription packages.

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