7 Luxury Rose Arrangements that Exude Class and Elegance

What else comes to mind when we think about luxurious blooms?

It can be a coterie of orchids, fresh-tulips… and of course a classic choice — roses!

However, we see a significant number of floral bouquets that even the most noteworthy flowers can come off as bland or uninteresting.

So how do we create an impression on someone who is frequently receiving blooms?

People might feel like flowers are no longer effective in stirring emotions, but don't let it dampen your spirits just yet.

You can still gift flowers that will impress your recipient.A new technique of preserving flowers has been developed to make them look freshly picked for three years or longer.

Here are some everlasting arrangements from The Only Roses that can make anyone feel like royalty. 

Jewelry Box 

Are you thinking of a classy way to box your gifts? Then try our special rose jewelry box collection.

It's a piece that is sure to dazzle any lady, for it allows them to see the fascinating Ecuadorian blooms in full display.

The preserved roses are enclosed in a clear acrylic box. It has a lid on top that you can lift to get a whiff of the blooms' enticing fragrance.

Apart from jewelry, you can try to be more creative with your gift idea.

You can use it as a gift box for giving photographs, makeup, or even small gadgets and accessories.

And to make your present even more sentimental, include a note or even a letter to help you better convey your thoughts and feelings.

These Jewelry boxes come in different sizes, and you may choose from 25 rose colors too.

Shadow Box

Furnish your abode with a showpiece that will evoke a sense of grandeur and romantic elegance.

The Only Roses has the perfect floral pieces to do just that.

Our Everlasting Roses on our signature Shadow Boxes are voguish yet straightforward.

A style that is a true statement of luxury will leave the onlooker captivated, inspired, or even exhilarated.

And unlike fresh flowers, you need not worry about watering them or exposing them to the sun.

Romantic Love Box

Create a lasting impression and let anybody know that you're a man of refined taste with our Romantic love box.

This beauty comes with a luxe heart-shaped box resting on a platform. It is encapsulated inside a protective cover that adds to its surprise factor.

Inside the box are 50 to 60 select red roses preserved to perfection. A must for romantics for this piece spells "love" from the silhouette of the box to the blooms.It's perfect for making any occasion feel like a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Custom Rose Box

Want to give a one-of-a-kind gift?

You can absolutely do that with just a click of a button.

Unleash your creativity in customizing a present your recipient will adore and treasure.

Select your recipient's favorite colors, and have the roses placed on the box of your choice.

You can have different color patterns styled on the roses like gradient, checkered, or halo. Or you can craft an even more meaningful gift by having letters or numbers shown on the arrangement. 

Rose Unicorn

Everyone loves unicorns.

What more if they're made of the loveliest blush roses?

Indeed an embodiment of sophisticated indulgence that says cute at the same time.

Have this little critter adorn any area of your home so it can steal the spotlight anytime you have guests.

Or you can send this as a gift to a loved someone. This creation will amaze and remind them of your withstanding affection.

The Rose unicorn is a jewel handcrafted by our skilled artisans that stands one foot tall. Made with 140 to 160 blush Everlasting Roses, this stunning work of art is a conversation piece that will take your loved ones to a magical world.

I ❤ U Box

Saying "I love you" far too frequently can sometimes diminish its meaning to the person hearing it.

Show your special someone that words aren't enough.

Say it big and say it aloud every day with the help of The Only Roses' I ❤ U Box.

Let magnificent blooms convey your passion that will make her come to a standstill and truly reflect on what a fantastic partner she has.

Our I ❤ U Box holds 90 to 100 beautiful Everlasting Roses arranged in a faux leather briefcase. It flashes the heartwarming phrase you want to tell her every day but with a more significant impact.

Give her the ultimate testament of your care and affection that will make her say "I love you too." every time she sees it. 

Rose Heart

Make your girl feel like she's the luckiest woman alive with the stunning Rose Heart.

It's like giving her your heart in the grandest and most sophisticated way.

Without a doubt, a piece that will captivate and make her feel like it's Valentine's Day every day.

The Rose Heart stands a foot tall and is made even more appealing with a natural rose scent that will make her smile with every whiff.

Tantalize her senses every day with this lovely piece she can display in her bedroom or living area. 

Giving flowers is the all-time ultimate way of showing affection.

We do it far too frequently that it loses the impact it creates.

Thankfully, a technique to perpetuate flowers has helped us give floral gifts and can now help us show love in a traditional yet remarkable way.

Give your special someone, friends, and family the roses they deserve. Don't settle for ordinary. Illuminate their days every day with roses that bloom their loveliest for three years or more.

The best place to get your forever roses

Flowers can be a versatile gift. Although they are mostly given to romantic partners, you can also give them to your mom, sisters, your boss, or a friend. The Only Roses have arrangements that can be playful or exquisite so you’re sure to find a perfect gift for any person in your life. You may check out our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 for more excellent floral gift ideas.

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