4 Reasons Ecuador Roses Are Used In Forever Lasting Boxes

Roses are a timeless gift used as expressions of our inherent need for connectivity, and the spectrum of human emotions.  Friendship, love, joy, loss, condolences, apologies, passion, forgiveness...A single rose can convey all of these things, and so much more.  It only stands to reason then that you would want to use roses that are the most vibrant, aromatic, long lasting, and boast a powerful structure. Flimsy, pale petals and a brittle stem simply won’t do.  We at The Only Roses recommend Ecuador roses to ensure that your meaningful messages come across clear as day.  But why Ecuador roses?  What makes them so special, so sought after, and so immensely loved worldwide?

1. Size

All it takes is one glance to see that Ecuador roses hold a strong, powerful presence. They are much bigger than other roses in every way. The head of the Ecuador rose is on average two inches in diameter than other roses, and their stems can grow up to well over five feet. Even a single long stem rose bouquet can have as much emotional impact and romantic appeal as a full bouquet of small, average-sized roses grown elsewhere.

These numbers alone are impressive, but they are even more so when you take into consideration the fact that the florist industry became well-established in Ecuador and other parts of South America by 2013. The tiny country accounts for barely 1% of the planet’s surface and they are the world’s third largest cut flower exporter, after the Netherlands and their own northern neighbor Colombia.   

2. Growing Conditions

The fact that Colombia sees monumental success in the florist industry immediately suggests that there is something about the location that contributes to the quality of these roses. In fact, the country of Ecuador’s name is a hint to what makes the region so ideal for these magical flowers- the equator. Being situated there means that Ecuador roses receive consistent exposure to sunlight, necessary for any plant’s growth.  This is what allows them to grow straight, a trait not found in every breed of rose. This consecutive twelve hours of sunlight means that the temperature remains consistent throughout the year, so there is never a need for greenhouses or artificial, simulated sunlight.

Now add in the fact that the majority of these roses are grown in the Andes Mountains at an elevation between 2,800 and 3,000 meters above sea level. Such a high elevation means that they take longer to grow, giving them more time to develop strong stems and fuller blooms.  While other roses take roughly eight weeks, the growth cycle of an Ecuador rose is almost twice that- it takes fifteen weeks for these miraculous flowers to reach their full potential. Unlike other parts of South America, which is full to the brim with lush jungles, the Andes are cool and receive rainfall regularly.  These growing conditions make it possible for us to provide you with elegant hat boxes that house an assortment of full, vibrant colors.

3. Longevity

Roses symbolize something eternal, which is why they are such a timeless classic in the realm of gift giving.  But the roses themselves do not last nearly as long as the things which they have come to represent.  Ecuador roses come closer than any other breed could hope to though!  If you have heard of their legendary longevity you may think it to be just that, a legend, but we assure you it’s very real. But how is such a magnificent feat possible?

The ideal growing conditions not only make them strong while in the ground, they maintain that strength once they’re in a vase or shadow box arrangement. Flowers from the average florist can last a week, maybe two, but by combining the magic of the Ecuadorian rose’s naturally long lifespan with our innovation preservation techniques you can expect your beautiful arrangement to last up to twelve months. Not only do the roses themselves remain intact and bright for significantly longer, they retain their luscious aroma too.

4. Variety

Ecuador roses seem to have it all. A stronger body, a fuller head, and a sweeter aroma. Better yet, that charm isn’t exclusive to the traditional red roses either. Ecuador is known for growing a variety of different colored roses, which can also be attributed to their longer growing cycles. In fact, Ecuador roses are well-known not only for the variety of different colors, but blending different colors in individual roses. Referred to as ‘bicolored’, Ecuador roses are known to feature different colors in the inside and on the edges of their petals. The elevation of the Andes has cooler nights, which is what makes these multicolored beauties a possibility without the intervention of dyes and chemicals. They hold endless potential, making them perfect for any customized floral arrangement.

Much like the Ecuador roses we carry, The Only Roses prides itself in offering you with a plethora of options to find and create amazing gifts for the people in your life.  Do you have something to say to a loved one?  Let these gorgeous flowers do the talking for you - you won’t regret it.

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