11 Crazy, Luxurious, Eccentric, and Unusual Qixi Bouquets for the Boldest

Vogue (24 Rose Bouquet)

If your sweetie is a traditionalist with a penchant for all things elegant, you can’t go wrong with the gift of luxury Qixi bouquets. So why not give her an extravagant bouquet that will remind her of your Qixi celebration for years to come?

The Vogue bouquet is the gift that keeps on giving, featuring two dozen of our Everlasting Roses perfectly displayed in a woven wrapping. These exquisite blooms will remain at their peak natural appearance for at least a year, longer if taken care of properly. 

After all, love is everlasting, and your Qixi bouquets should be too.

I ❤ U Surprise Box

Nothing says “I love you” like flowers, but the flowers in our I ❤ U Surprise Box literally do.

This huge, faux leather box of red and pink roses contains between 90 and 100 impressive blooms that spell out those three magic words. A flashy proclamation like this that will remain in perfect condition for at least a year is sure to make her heart flutter for days well beyond Qixi. 

Rose Dome Hat Box

Let’s talk about hat boxes. They’re a timeless way to show off the perfect bouquet and are sure to beautify any space. And that’s exactly why our luxurious Rose Dome Hat Box is the ultimate gift for your partner this Qixi Day.

Our Rose Dome Hat box features over 100 perfectly preserved roses in a tall, sturdy box, tied together with a matching ribbon and bow. This classic bouquet makes for a chic, elegant decoration that she can display at home or in her office, reminding her of your love connection every time it catches her gaze. 

Mega Round Hat Box

You want to give your wife or girlfriend a Qixi bouquet that says you’d go to the ends of the earth with her. Our Mega Round Hat Box takes “go big or go home” to the next level with a wider, taller box which combines luxury with romance and beauty. 

Large Round Shadow Box

Our signature shadow box is the crowned jewel of Qixi bouquets with major wow-factors. This bouquet of over two dozen forever roses is a great option if you plan on proposing this Qixi Day, as your sweetheart will clearly see the ring peeking through the box’s clear top.  

Large Heart Shadow Box

The Large Heart Shadow Box is another unique option for Qixi bouquets, elevating our signature shadow box with an impeccably designed heart shape. She’ll be speechless at this breathtaking display of Everlasting Roses, and she’ll be able to cherish it for years to come.

Your love doesn’t have an expiration date, so why should a bouquet? 

Large Square Jewelry Box

To all the Romeos of the world: time to step it up a notch this Qixi Day with one of our stunning luxury jewelry boxes.

The Large Square Jewelry Box features 25 preserved roses dramatically suspended in a see-through acrylic box. These sleeping beauties look serene in their own little castle, giving your loved one a 360 view of perfection to enjoy 365 days a year.

Rose Bear

A day like Qixi is a great opportunity to splurge on your beloved with an unforgettable bouquet that will make the impression of a lifetime. 

Skip the classic flower arrangement and go with something one-of-a-kind, over the top, and totally luxurious, like The Only Roses Rose Bear.

Covered in over 600 preserved roses, this three-foot-tall critter is “unbearably” adorable and is also one of the most luxurious Qixi bouquets yet. Just imagine the look of surprise and delight on her face when she opens the door to a gigantic bear made entirely of forever roses! 

Rose Heart

Show her she’s won your whole heart with a Rose Heart, also from our luxury collection. This bouquet is so stunning that even someone with a sense of true luxury and the finest taste would be impressed receiving this on Qixi Day. 

Rose Unicorn

Just like the Rose Bear, our Rose Unicorn is one of the craziest but cutest pieces in our luxury collection. It’s also the ideal Qixi bouquet if you’re looking for something less traditional but that still screams luxury. 

Each Rose Unicorn is made of about 150 blush roses displayed in a glass case. And they’re guaranteed to last at least a year, because we think making her feel like a queen for one day is overrated. 

Takashi Murakami Kiki Figure

Let’s face it: cliches are boring, and the most unexpected expressions of love are oftentimes the most meaningful. 

Our Takashi Murakami Kiki Figure is hands-down the most out there and unusual Qixi bouquet your beloved could ever dream of. Master florist Silvia Lee has created this astonishing take on the popular figure, making this the Qixi gift that says everything else just wouldn’t suffice. 

The best place to get your forever roses.

Some may say that flowers are already overrated gifts for occasions. But not if you give Ecuadorian Everlasting Roses encased in an acrylic box. It is a casual yet elegant present that can surely unveil the brightest smiles in any special occasions. You may check out our website or visit our store at Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, CA at 400 S Baldwin Ave. Ste 2135 Arcadia CA 91007 for more excellent floral gift ideas.

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