Silver Mega Preserved Rose | Swing Opening Box

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This is truly one of our most spectacular gifts. Folded up, the sturdy box looks simple yet sophisticated, elegantly packaged with ribbon and bow. But there’s a surprise waiting inside — a big one. Untie the bow, swing open the box and it will reveal a single, enormous rose bud, beautifully displayed on a pedestal against a black background so the bright color of the flower immediately catches your eye. Of course, like all of our Everlasting Roses, this one is guaranteed to keep its fresh-picked appearance for at least a year, if not longer.

  • Contains one large rose bud
  • Everlasting Roses guaranteed to last at least a year
  • Rose Box Dimensions
    • 6" deep
    • 6" wide
    • 6" tall
  • Our farm-fresh flowers are handpicked in Ecuador and carefully arranged by our master florists in California
  • Packaged in sturdy swing open box in white
  • Tied with ribbon and bow

Meaning behind your favorite color

  • Silver is a powerful color that is often used to symbolize wealth, riches, modernity, technology and glamour. It can also signal sophistication and elegance, and is a popular color choice for weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and the Christmas holiday season