Black & Gold Preserved Roses | Mega Black Round Rose Hat Box

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Our mega Huggy Round Box takes our signature arrangement and makes it even more stunning with a tall, sturdy box that shows off our preserved roses. Then we tie it all together with a matching ribbon and bow for a final touch of elegance. For that special someone in your life, give this perfect combination of luxury, romance, and beauty. Delight them with a gift that will last much longer than fresh-cut flowers. Our Everlasting Roses are guaranteed to maintain their natural appearance for at least a year.

  • Our mega Huggy Round Box contains between 56 and 62 roses
  • Everlasting Roses guaranteed to last at least a year
  • Rose Box Dimensions and Color 
    • 15" diameter
    • 11.7" tall with roses 
    • Black box 
  • Our farm-fresh flowers are handpicked in Ecuador and carefully arranged by our master florists in California
  • Packaged in a sturdy rounded box with matching color ribbon and bow

Meaning behind your favorite color. 

  • Black is a strong, mysterious and powerful color. Give black flowers to someone who isn’t afraid to be unique and likes to express their individuality. Black can also represent rebirth and rejuvenation
  • Gold symbolizes wealth and power and therefore has long been used by kings and queens to signify their positions of royalty. Gold has also been used to symbolize the stability of eternal love

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