One Year Guarantee

All of our Everlasting Roses are guaranteed to last for at least a year. That means that they will keep their natural, fresh-looking appearance for as long as 12 months after you receive it from The Only Roses. Each of our flowers go through a special preservation process that stops them from aging normally and allows them to stay bright and soft to the touch for months and months.

In fact, we’re so confident in our Everlasting Roses that we will replace your arrangement free of charge if your flowers look wilted within a year after your purchase from The Only Roses. However, please note that small cracks or tears on the petals are normal with handling over the year, so we will not offer a replacement for this reason.

Please contact us immediately if you believe that your flowers have wilted prematurely. We may ask you to provide photographs as proof. Thank you, and we look forward to keeping you as a satisfied customer.

P.S. All sales are final. No returns are accepted. Orders processed through Afterpay or Sezzle does not qualify for cancellation, refund, and return.