Captivating and inspiring, The Only Roses supplies long-lasting, distinctive accents by way of preserved roses. Only the utmost of attention and quality comprises each product of The Only Roses. Moreover, each preserved rose arrangement is uniquely expressive. Ideal for all occasions or celebrations, everlasting roses embody eternal love, beauty, and passion. Significantly, The Only Roses are handcrafted installations of naturally preserved roses and from beginning to eternity, their magnificently preserved petals are sincerely enchanting.

Preserved roses specifically inspire the receiver to embrace the exquisiteness and elegance of its ethereal nature. All everlasting rose arrangements are notably designed with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Harkening back to the core symbolism of the rose, its revered attributes of love, light, and life are celebrated in each product. Therein, within the gift of preserved roses, a timeless testament to its core essence is naturally and beautifully preserved.

By and large, with over 100 species of roses, The Only Roses are rare in that, they are from Ecuador. After being grown at an advantageous height, their stems and blooms thrive therein producing a superior quality of size. After which, the roses are treated in an onsite facility which cures the petals using a patented color methodology which elongates the rose’s livelihood. Careful shipment ensures the delivery of everlasting roses to their Los Angeles studio where savvy florists move forward crafting them into timeless artistic arrangements.

Essentially, preserved roses are a sacred embodiment imbued with a permeating natural value. Another key point to consider is that each product of The Only Roses is also 100% natural, containing no allergens and chemicals. In brief, the journey of The Only Roses is as marvelous as the mystique of the rose itself. Throughout the centuries, the delicate rose was considered an expressive force of nature. Even now, its perfection is still extolled and at long last, its ethereal nature has been captured and captivatingly preserved in everlasting roses.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - Shakespeare, Romeo, and Juliet.

The old adage of 'No rose without a thorn' is beautifully overcome with preserved rose arrangements. The Only Roses prides itself on providing numerous quality options while catering ‘premium preserved roses without the thorns.’ In addition, they provide a 100% money back guarantee on their products ensuring high customer satisfaction. From the Ecuadorian fields to the facility, to the studio, to delivery, the impressive nature of everlasting roses is matched only by the impeccable customer service of The Only Roses team. Therein, their uniquely expressive preserved rose installations are a dynamic investment and a phenomenal service.

They say to take the time to smell the roses. With this in mind, The Only Roses respects the many different tastes and styles that customers possess. By simply browsing The Only Roses site, a myriad of mesmerizing preserved roses and entrancing products are available. Their menu offers options like Shadow Boxes, Hat Boxes, Single Rose, Long Stem, Luxury such as Love Preserved Roses Letter and Acrylic Box. Just in highlighting the category on the site’s menu bar, a screen instantaneously presents an outstanding plethora of one-of-a-kind products.

Feeling like a stylist yourself? The Only Roses encourages you to express your heart and customize your own rose hat box. Browsing on The Only Rose site, elicits a pop-up invitation which on the positive side, shares a discount. Plus, there's chatbot availability to assist with questions. Overall, the company prides itself on providing each individual customer with top-of-the-line products, a premium user-experience along with splendidly exquisite artistry.

Value, Integrity, and Embodying Timelessness:  The Only Roses

With free shipping on orders of over $150, The Only Roses offers shipment of commemorative witnesses of eternal love nationwide. In the long run, the rose has always been considered the flower of love. Overall, each color of the rose is thought to possess a different meaning. In sum, the meaning behind each product at The Only Roses is a sheer dedication to artisan commitment as well as quality craftsmanship. Not just to the distinctive craftsmanship of the products themselves, but also to the embodied artistic value of the everlasting roses such as in Hat Box arrangements.

By and large, a rose is a rose from seed to death. Thereafter, it ultimately remains an artifact of its splendid life cycle. For the most part, a rose, in and of itself, is a product of a process of continual change. In light of this, an everlasting rose quite simply encapsulates timelessness such as the Beauty and The BeastThe beauty of a rose lies in that at each stage of the life cycle, the rose is forever perfect just the way it is.

Naturally preserved, The Only Roses products perfectly finesse and capture the charming, fragile, and divine nature of the rose. Whether buying one, three, six, nine, twelve or a Beauty and the Beast Music Globe, every rose is fantastically preserved to last for up to a year. Ultimately, preserved roses continue to exude vivid vitality as well as the nostalgic sentiments of affection, adoration, and love.

It was the naturalist Ralph Waldo Emerson who expressively wrote, "There is simply the rose, perfect in every moment of its existence." The team effort behind the Only Roses is prestigiously committed to upholding the perfection of the rose within their dynamic array of preserved roses and carnations. By and large, The Only Roses provides a user-friendly site, superb customer service and the expeditious shipment of its one-of-a-kind ambrosial arrangements nationwide. A visual treat to send and receive, everlasting roses are not only naturally preserved for long-lasting longevity they also come without the hassle of thorns. Express your adoration from afar with The Only Roses, where floral perfection is distinctively distilled and artistically captured.
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